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This artist harnesses the power of the sun create his pieces
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This artist harnesses the power of the sun create his pieces


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Alex Andersen sent us this pic of an eagle grabbing a bite near the Iowa River Power Restaurant in Coralville, Sunday. Sushi anyone?
Nate Phillips, the Native elder involved in a confrontation with teenagers in MAGA hats this week, spoke on behalf of his people at Standing Rock
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Aussie PM @ScottMorrisonMP says firebrand #Indonesia cleric #abubakarbaasyir should stay behind bars and "should serve what the Indonesian justice system delivered to him as his sentence"."The Indonesian govt would show great respect for Australia in how they manage this issue."
This artist 'paints' using the sun 😱
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The pope enjoyed this Cuban circus troupe's performance and twirled a basketball on his finger
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A pleasure watching the 🐐 work on this Sunday Night...

His name is Mahershala Ali #TrueDetective
We will have a long look and some exclusive video reactions to this Wade celebration weekend dropping early tomorrow.

But I’ll say this: Short of championships, birth of children and getting custody of his sons, today is the happiest I’ve ever seen Mr. Wade in 16 years.
Romeo, the world's loneliest frog, has been alone and single for the last 10 years. But now, he may have finally found a Juliet that can save his species. They'll be set up on a blind date this Valentine's Day. https://t.co/rH7W7vGHYj
The winter weather this weekend brought snow and winds to the region, with sporadic power outages. https://t.co/pJieVFRqr1
I've tweeted these before but here is an example of humans doing the wrong thing with #dingos on #FraserIsland. November last year this bloke walked about 200m away from his car by himself and crouched in front for a photo
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