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President Macron of France 27% approve versus 69% disapprove

President Trump 45% approve versus 53% disapprove

Macron 42% gap between approve and disapprove

Trump 8% gap

Guess which liberal media admires more??
I agree we should be doing more to make all existing treatments available to patients.
I find the American Foreign Policy Council remarkably helpful on key foreign policy and national security issues. I recommend people follow them on Twitter (@afpc) and Facebook and visit their website for updates and ideas
Democrats are getting weirder and weirder-Cory Booker says “planet simply can’t sustain people eating meat”. So Democrats can get the Vegan vote and Republicans can get everyone who goes to McDonald’s, Wendy’s Burger King, Arby’s Chick-filet, Outback, Ruth’s Chris, etc., etc.
If you look at the hostility of Jake Tapper’s comments about President Trump and his failure to be equally blunt about Democrats who have been routinely lying about the effect of walls you can see why conservatives despair of even the most ‘balanced’ voiices on CNN
I like Jake Tapper and think he wrote a great book aboiut the war in Afghanistan. I have been trying to find where he said Democrats have rouitinely lied about walls being ineffective. He knows that is not true.He know they are lying. But of course he only attacks President Trump
Remembering Dr. Mel Steely: 40 years in the classroom and a lifetime of contributions
.@CallyGingrich and I enjoyed our visit to the Joint Security Area and the opportunity to meet with some of our remarkable US troops.
The Trump administration has made a very important step forward in lowering drug costs and fixing the broken economics of drug pricing that has caused huge increases in out-of-pocket costs. Read more:
Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is showing real leadership in condemning anti-semitism among House members. Why is Speaker Nancy Pelosi afraid to stand firm foor the survival of Israel and against anti-semitism in her own party?

The Most Relevant

When a baby is born it is an American citizen. Infanticide is therefore an act of murder. The federal government should protect thr civil right of American babies by prosecuting any one committing infanticide for murder under civil rights statutes
It is amazing that Speaker Pelosi refuses to put the state of the union invitation to a vote. She clearly knows the House would override her. Only by being a petty dictator blocking the vote can she prevail. She and maduro in venezuela can compare notes.
It would help if Mueller would release the 70 hours of interviews with Michael Cohen. The American people could see how many different stories he told, how much he was threatened and how the prosecutors blackmailed and bargained to get what they wanted. Release the tapes.
Don Lemon is so hostile to America he questioned how Gladys Knight could sing the National Anthem. This fits the CNN pattern of belittling America and its institutions. Most Americans were honored by Gladys Knight—veterans especially so
President Trump’s United Nations speech today is a remarkable outline of the power of patriotism, the importance of national identity, the dangers of globalism, the need to reform the United Nations, and American leadership. An extraordinary achievement. Worth reading.
If Laura Ingraham’s estimate of $7,000 per person is right the curret caravan is at least a $21 million project. Paid for by someone who wants to undermine America.
The increasing personal nastiness toward people who work for President Trump reflects the left’s understanding that they are losing. Nastiness reflects desperation not strength. They can’t win the argument so they use nastiness. Sad and dangerous.
Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down
Lindsey graham has been magnificant in telling the truth about the hypocrisy and destructivenss of the senate democrats and their willingness to exploit dr ford to smear judge kavanaugh. It is nice to have someone tell the truth about this shameful episode.
Since Charlottesville 11 people killed and 40 wounded in Chicago, 5 killed in Baltimore, but at least the left can argue over statues
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