One last thought: Every reporter who breathlessly reported Wikileaks, you were solid Russia tools. And they knew you would be. #neverforget
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Gotta thank CAP's @collinsr for his incredible work on the Hill to stop the GOP repeal of the ACA -- he's a hero today.
The single best part of this defeat of AHCA for our democracy:facts still matter.A bill was doomed bc it was a terrible piece of legislation
Somewhere @BarackObama has got a pretty big smile. #ACAisheretostay
I'm thrilled that this unconscionable attack on Planned Parenthood is also dead right now.
@EmTSuss has been organizing for months with groups on ground around the country to stop GOP repeal efforts and I'm so proud to work w her
@igorvolsky has been working tirelessly for months to organize folks on here and elsewhere to fight GOP repeal efforts. He's a hero today.
Activists, marchers and Democrats just saved health care for millions of Americans #wedidbuildthis
So proud of CAP for its incredible work to protect health care for millions!
So proud of CAP for its incredible work to protect health care for millions!
To the hundred or so Republicans who voted for this disaster in committee...we will remember your vote.
You know what made this possible? A united Democratic Party - committed to protect people's health care. #lessons
I'm not tired of winning. Are you?
I want to thank the GOP for making the Affordable Care Act popular through their disastrous repeal effort.
Turns out competent leadership matters.
Ben, do you know what's in the secret McConnell plan bc it's so secret I'm not sure it exists.
The most rational explanation (and I know we live in the land of crazy) is that the WH is crapping on Ryan bc they know the bill will fail.
It's been great to work with you on saving health care for millions Ben!
The idea that they would repeal health benefits like maternity care and coverage of hospitalizations is so outrageous.
Do we actually have bill language for this vote tomorrow affecting 1/6th of the economy?
I'm willing to bet that Trump has called the vote tomorrow so he can go to Mar a Lago this weekend.
depends on what happens to Ryan.
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