One last thought: Every reporter who breathlessly reported Wikileaks, you were solid Russia tools. And they knew you would be. #neverforget
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I knew someone would do this one day, and I'm just glad I'm here to see it.
Thanks and I've stated concerns with some Times coverage but not with yours. ✌️
@[email protected]@[email protected] guys. We are all on the same team. Let's put this last week behind us and try to move forward and fight Trump together. #sorrytobuttin
The New Deal plus greater inclusion, modernized for the needs of the 21st century.
@BenigmaCTEvery battle has victims?Are you kidding? If u were an undocumented immigrant, I doubt you'd say this.Easy for you to trade rights of others
France faces a proto fascist in Le Pen. Socialists should be the first, not last, to stand against her.
13 women came forward to confirm his words. Fact you ignore that says a lot about your moral standing.
@BenigmaCTYou'll gladly tell the Dreamers who are fearful of getting deported that their fear is fine for you? That's many things but not progressive
Tell that to the Dreamers getting deported. #yourprivilegeisshowing
So does Sarandon support Le Pen because that will help bring the revolution? #couldnthelpmyself
@DiszidentDude. You made up stuff about my support for private prisons. CAP has been fighting private prisons. Just admit you lied and move on.
@[email protected]@[email protected] @amprogdo you feel need to lie about people's views? Shows weakness, not strength of your views.
This was an interesting find.
Lora, I admire your passion and always happy to engage with you on issues.
The fact that people feel the need to say "science isn't a partisan issue" in 2017 is beyond depressing.
When will we know the French results?
Thank you!
On #EarthDay just wanted to say I've only had to fill my gas tank 3 times in last year with our C-Max Energi. #lovehybrids
I know this is a hard concept, but Russia hasn't been communist for decades. But thanks for the tropes!
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