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Pizzagate is fake. I'm sorry you're so gullible.
This is what democracy looks like.
Hope we can get stories like this in every state in the country.
Do you disagree with his point that Trump's agenda is going to hurt the people who voted for him?
I'm not crying.
I don't know these people, but you know who knows Denny Hastert? half the Republican House caucus
Nothing is more the gold standard for conservatism than CPAC conference -- you own this horror.
get real Pannini, and I say that in friendship
I can't imagine why people upset about Trump's treatment of Muslims would boo Susan Sarandon at Unity rally. (My last Sarandon tweet ever)
I was kidding.
stop reading fake news Deborah. The thing really hurting the markets is fact Rubio/GOP repealed reinsurance.
Are you actually talking about Wall Street with me? Have you counted the Goldman Sachs alumni WORKING in the Trump Admin?
This was the exact strategy GOP used in 2010 to retake the House.
Maybe have in same story Trump voters who feel out upon by Meryl Streep and nonTrump voters who feel fear of roundup/travel ban.
anyone in office at the time? No.
An actual adversary: Putin.
nope -- Stein's votes were greater than Trump's victory in PA, MI, WI
Nothing says bold leadership than holding a call because you can't face your voters.
I was on State of the Union with Rep. Jason Lewis of MN and he told us he'd hold a town hall during recess, but there's nothing scheduled.
Folks -- some news here:
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