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President of the Center for American Progress, progressive, Indian American, feminist, mom, wife. Not in that order. Views expressed are most definitely my own.
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Yes. So take that into account. Remember under Bush, Dems had state houses of AZ and KS!
Actual q. What was number of losses GOP suffered under Bush?
You're joking right?
This is Exhibit A of grading on a Trump curve: https://t.co/WTdUh5Ntp6
If Obama said Israel isn't in Middle East, no such praise for a trip.
You know what Trey Gowdy shouldn't be in charge of? The FBI.
Great piece by @jmpalmieri https://t.co/JGlAUOSNSI
We will fight this malicious budget.
@SeanNeoconnery @regwag2003 @White_Jade_Tea @Kamal13Krishna @TulsiGabbard Great not to accept PAC money. Would be great to oppose Assad's use of chem weapons too. I was pulled into this & just states view. G'day!
@White_Jade_Tea @regwag2003 @SeanNeoconnery @Kamal13Krishna @TulsiGabbard I'm not criticizing her for not taking PAC money. That's great. I criticize her behavior with Assad while she supports Russian bombing.
Just for the record: I block people who are abusive.
Would welcome your support for this: https://t.co/3xuPzQt68J
how is this legal?
I completely agree. Definitely good to push a party to do better. But saying it's same as its opposing party is just bs.
When Don McGahn rationalizes the ridiculousness with this line of argument, we'll know who to thank.
My fave thing on twitter is effort to come up w a rationalization of Trump's behavior that isn't obviously illegal obstruction of justicehttps://t.co/XXrrkJTsvP
@its21blackjack @Kamal13Krishna @TulsiGabbard And if Tulsi Gabbard wanted to intentionally end a war, she wouldn't applaud Russian air strikes. Sorry you fell for the peace talk.
@its21blackjack @Kamal13Krishna @TulsiGabbard Assad used a chemical weapon to murder children, but congrats for using whataboutism to defend such slaughter.
Maybe firing the FBI Director wasn't a genius Jared idea.
This proves the term is completely misused by you. I agree w Reagan and Thatcher on precisely nothing.
@AngelRiveraLib @Kamal13Krishna @TulsiGabbard No he murders children. Are you really making an argument that that's not the worst behavior in the world?
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