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President of the Center for American Progress, progressive, Indian American, feminist, mom, wife. Not in that order. Views expressed are most definitely my own.
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The lesson from this fight: Vigilance

The health care war is far from over: Neera Tanden https://t.co/1sz0BZozT6 via @USATODAY
Two things can be true: campaign coverage of Hillary campaign was far from perfect; the campaign itself made mistakes.
Sorry, I was wrong. Little coverage of Russia. Not no coverage of Russia.
In hindsight should campaign coverage dealt with Russia intervention w/10th intensity of wikileaks or emails? You would say no?
I'm wrong. Campaign coverage was perfect.

(And I've said many times plenty of mistakes made by Hillary campaign.)
in Jan they pushed hardest in caucus for voterama/filibuster -- others weren't so solid on that issue.
Lots of great people working on defending ACA, but two who pushed hardest to fight in Senate Dem caucus were @ChrisMurphyCT & @CoryBooker
Has State Dept even said anything about fact that Putin's political opponents have been murdered/attacked?
My fellow Resisters...these are our brothers and sisters in Russia: national protests against the fascistic Putin regimehttps://t.co/0hqzVJ3Rjy
What happened on AHCA:
1 Ryan wrote a terrible bill
2 Trump hugged it
3 America hated it-mass protests
4 GOP wouldn't walk plank on bad bill
maybe they had to do that because no one covered Russia 🤔
I actually agree with Bannon: The defeat of Trumpcare will critically damage Trump's presidency, maybe irrevocably https://t.co/5gqYFAxyn1
@CAPAction's @sbaron18 led our story bank effort ACAworks and organized pressers and rallies to stop repeal. She's a hero today.
Gotta thank CAP's @collinsr for his incredible work on the Hill to stop the GOP repeal of the ACA -- he's a hero today.
The single best part of this defeat of AHCA for our democracy:facts still matter.A bill was doomed bc it was a terrible piece of legislation
Somewhere @BarackObama has got a pretty big smile. #ACAisheretostay
I'm thrilled that this unconscionable attack on Planned Parenthood is also dead right now.
@EmTSuss has been organizing for months with groups on ground around the country to stop GOP repeal efforts and I'm so proud to work w her
@igorvolsky has been working tirelessly for months to organize folks on here and elsewhere to fight GOP repeal efforts. He's a hero today.
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