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Identify the husband: Virender Sehwag's tweet has Internet in splits
11 minutes
"What would PM Modi do when he went to Nawaz Sharif and hugged him? Did he turn his back? Is this a conspiracy? You are trying to create mountains out of molehills where they don't exist " @sherryontopp: to NDTV on hugging Pakistan Army chief.
20 minutes
"I went (to Pakistan) because I thought this will be a great stepping stone to the future. Somebody calls you with love and affection, you've got every right to reciprocate. What is the harm? What is the wrong?": @sherryontopp to NDTV
24 minutes
#TripleTalaq is just short of becoming a punishable offence after the government cleared an ordinance today.

Read more here: https://t.co/zbXvwF6qPd
24 minutes
.@sherryontopp on the controversy over hugging the Pakistan Army Chief.

Watch LIVE now on https://t.co/hMlRpgrUU6
28 minutes
"Conspiracy by Myanmar drug peddlers to kill Biplab Deb": BJP leader https://t.co/N2rPPdhoIC
29 minutes
This ordinance has been brought for empowerment of women. I appeal to Sonia ji, Mayawati ji and Mamta ji to support it by rising over vote-bank politics: Union Law and IT Minister, RS Prasad on #TripleTalaq

Read more here: https://t.co/zbXvwF6qPd
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34 minutes
Kerala police questions Bishop Franco Mulakkal in nun rape case https://t.co/DricKCG2af
39 minutes
Congress meets national auditor CAG over "irregularities" in #Rafale deal https://t.co/ulj04hinhF
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