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Drake really violated the Grammys at the Grammys. legend frfr
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Drake really violated the Grammys at the Grammys. legend frfr

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After interrogating and releasing two men seen in surveillance video near the scene of the alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, Chicago police are saying that the new information they have “could change the story entirely.”
Dehradun: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat pays tribute to CRPF ASI Mohan Lal who lost his life in #PulwamaAttack
Less than 24 hours after declaring a national emergency, President Trump's motorcade has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach. This is the 169th day he has spent at one of the Trump Property golf clubs.
BREAKING: The Vatican dismisses ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the priesthood. A Vatican panel found him guilty of sexual misconduct w/ minors & adults, abusing power, and solicitation in the Sacrament of Confession. Reaction from a local alleged victim at 6am on News4Today
BREAKING: Pope defrocks former cardinal and Archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick over soliciting sex in the confessional
German Chancellor Merkel received a standing ovation after a speech rejecting U.S. demands that European allies pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Russia's foreign minister, a high-ranking Chinese official and Ivanka Trump pointedly stayed in their seats.
Fox News refused to broadcast this anti-Nazi promo — but it had no problem running one for a conservative film that used Nazi imagery
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Karnataka: Visuals from Gudigere, Mandya as mortal remains of CRPF Constable Guru H are being brought for last rites. Family members pay their tribute to him. #PulwamaAttack
If #JussieSmollett orchestrated this scam and claimed he was attacked because he’s black and gay, the real tragedy will be all of the victims of REAL hate crimes whose stories won’t be believed.
BREAKING: Aurora, Illinois, police say gunman who killed 5 bought the gun he used in 2014. A background check missed a 1995 aggravated assault conviction that should have barred the purchase.

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Krewe de Vieux really bringing the Mardi Gras political commentary, as per usual
The double-decker A380 was loved many, but the world's largest commercial plane never won over the group that really mattered. #9News
The double-decker A380 was loved many, but the world's largest commercial plane never won over the group that really mattered. #9News
The Baftas fashion was safe chic – thank heavens the wacky Grammys provided some sport, writes @harrywalker1
What is really driving the 'vilification' of Meghan Markle?
I love that Kentucky's identity is built around its defense. They really look like the older team tonight.
.@stoker_aj on the medivac bill:

This policy means you don’t even have to be sick on Nauru to come to Australia. We should be really concerned about the consequences of what has been nothing more than a virtue signal to the Green left.

MORE: #outsiders
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Beef carpaccio ⁦@restaurant18⁩ with fried capers and smoked lobster. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t really taste the lobster.
News You Can't Really Use: Scientists now say a galactic collision will rip open the black hole at the Milky Way's center some 2-3 billion years before they thought it might happen. The really good news: this will happen 2 billion years from now:
Expecting the Babcock Line Blender if Leafs don't start playing in the other zone. They're really not very good in their own.
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