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Latest Scoops
Trump tells @steveholland1 he wants to build up US nuclear arsenal to ensure it is at the "top of the pack.” https://t.co/3RQgy2OmOK
The next person who gets a question should defer to @GlennThrush
“You don't get to yell out questions. We’re going to raise our hands like big boys and girls.” — @PressSec to @GlennThrush
During one of these briefings, I half-expect President Trump to walk out mid-way through to clarify his position in person.
When I make my morning coffee, using a scale and grinder, I am very precise. Or, as the WH might say, I make coffee using “military action."
Spicer on claim raids were a “military action”: “The president is using that as an adjective...It’s happening in a high degree of precision"
Can we do something about the automated telemarketer woman who keeps calling, pretending to be putting on her headset? Enough!
“He’s the greatest public speaker since William Jennings Bryan.” — Steve Bannon on President Trump
“We’re so sick of politics and politicians,” says THE FORMER CHAIRMAN OF THE RNC, who is now WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF.
BREAKING: No hug between Priebus and Bannon, but an affectionate handshake and a tap on the shoulder from Priebus to Bannon.
If you're not watching #ThisIsUs, you're missing the best-told, most uplifting, and truly emotional show on television.
President Trump just paused for a while and watched John Lewis giving a speech this morning at the @NMAAHC. Reminder:
President Trump just paused for a while and watched John Lewis giving a speech this morning at the @NMAAHC. Reminder:
“Gov Kasich has reached out multiple times to meet with the president.” — Sean Spicer
“We have a free press…but at some point it is incumbent upon people to get it right.” — Sean Spicer
“He has a healthy respect for the press. But it’s a two-way street.” — Sean Spicer
The best college newspaper in America. #DTH124
The best college newspaper in America. #DTH124
Scoff Brown is under consideration for ambassador to New Zealand, reports @JOSreports https://t.co/DWCknHokcG
John Kerry is going back to Yale, to head up a new program called the Kerry Initiative. He’ll also teach. Via @vgmac https://t.co/kRNj3Yq298
If you’re a Trump supporter, that was the liberated, free-flowing man you voted for. If you’re not, that was a scary, bizarre display.
“It was unhinged. It was wild,” Jake Tapper says on CNN, summing up President Trump’s press conference.
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