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James O'Brien
if the monocled spewtineer can move in three months from calling for may s head because of her deal to support
If the monocled spewtineer can move *in three months* from calling for May's head because of her deal to supporting her deal, how can anyone possibly deny the public the right to change their mind?
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Game Of Thrones
the dead are already here the final season of gameofthrones airs sundays on hbo
The Dead are already here.

The final season of #GameofThrones airs Sundays on @HBO.
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Marvel Entertainment
in three days nothing can prepare you for the end get tickets to marvel studios now
In three days, nothing can prepare you for the end. Get tickets to Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame now:
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Mark R. Levin
thank you for watching life liberty amp levin we crushed the ratings this weekend especially on sunday night w
Thank you for watching Life, Liberty & Levin! We crushed the ratings this weekend, especially on Sunday night --where we blew out CNN & MSNBC combined, again! It never gets reported in the media or trades, so I will announce it myself!
Complex Music
lil nas x keeps it real simple when responding to dave east calling old town road wack i do not give a fck abo
Lil Nas X keeps it real simple when responding to Dave East calling "Old Town Road" wack:

"I do not give a f*ck about what Dave East is saying."
Movies Now
theres no endgame to our tears avengers avengethefallen 3daystogo
There’s no #Endgame to our tears! #Avengers #AvengeTheFallen #3DaysToGo
Twitter Movies
we re in the endgame now assemble it s a battle of the best mcu moments 4 23 round 1 4 24 round 2 4 25 semi fi
We're in the endgame now.

#Avengers assemble! It's a battle of the best MCU moments.

4/23 - Round 1
4/24 - Round 2
4/25 - Semi-Finals
4/26 - Finals
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heads up owners vr cat simulator konrad the kitten update 20 hits tomorrow adds a slew of tiny kittens
Heads up, #PSVR owners. VR cat simulator Konrad the Kitten update 2.0 hits tomorrow, adds a slew of tiny kittens:
PAPER Magazine
me listening to lemonade on spotify
me listening to #Lemonade on @Spotify
E! News
@enews 1 hour
good morning to chris evans avengersendgame
Good morning to Chris Evans. #AvengersEndgame
British Museum
love shakespeare from books to bracelets browse our bard inspired range here
Love Shakespeare? From books to bracelets, browse our Bard-inspired range here:
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