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I'm not actually doing a 'signing' at @Foyles this afternoon, I'm signing books in a backroom for the Christmas rush. Apologies for not being clearer. Obviously, I'd be delighted to sign copies in person for anyone I bump into there!
My abiding conclusion after a fascinating & very enjoyable interview with is @RoryStewartUKthat he supports Mrs May's deal because the country cannot begin to heal if either 'side' of the Brexit argument gets to claim victory. I don't agree but it's incredibly thought-provoking.
If 'no deal' happens it will be because of this utterly stupid belief that we deserve unique treatment 'because we're British'. The irony is that we will then be transferring that delusion from EU to WTO where every country will be looking at what they can gain from our weakness.
It was blindingly obvious long ago.
It’s remarkable how ridiculous this phrase looks when not viewed through the distorting lens of the Brexit-supporting wing of media. ‘Brexit means Brexit’. What a pile of an unadulterated claptrap.https://t.co/aPq2vrygMp
@chrishill87 @WeNeedEU Don’t be silly. I won’t debate people who’ve been shown to have lied about and/or ‘misunderstood’ key issues but failed to retract. I can deal with it on my own show but won’t appear on programmes presented by people who don’t police this properly. It’s not complicated.
I think we’re at the bit where it’s somehow everyone else’s fault that the likes of Raab, Rees Mogg, Duncan Donuts & Paterson still don’t understand anything.
If 52:48 somehow means that the 48 should be completely ignored, then 63:37 surely means that...
@davejr You’re quite right. I was trying to say that what is possible hasn’t changed. I completely agree that the people still denying this are weakened.
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