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Somehow raising my two children while balancing my third child -- my job! Author of NYT bestseller Knowing Your Value and Grow Your Value.

Latest Scoops

If you’re in Prague… Like my brother was, you can see @Ebbtrees sculptures... exquisite location .. thanks Ian! #thelureoftheforest #sculpture #sculptor #bambatime https://t.co/qKij3BNiMC
Don.. The clock is ticking. Must be stressful. Maybe take a nap and relax. Have some chamomile tea or something. Maybe a quick trip to Russia to collect more cash for your business?https://t.co/RMJ7VQLqMN
And THIS ONE —- who is Hobson’s ❤️❤️❤️— the only mommy who would drive back to petsmart TWICE to get him a new tequila bottle after it sunk... #gobiggreen💚 carlieehofferr… https://t.co/tUZu8A6NQI
He Puts piggie away.. lets her out.. feeds her. Say no more @JoeNBC https://t.co/FlLoWExJjA
It was a hoot —- she could not keep it together. International Rae Rae Day comes once a year. She now can live in fear, never knowing when the next one will hit. Thank you Rachel. Thank… https://t.co/4LN6RbB2op
Celebrating two amazing sculptors.. @Ebbtrees MY MOM and Dalya Luttwak the scope of the work and the collaboration is an inspiration to us all!! https://t.co/SSbghsXhic
Celebrating @ebbtrees and her exhibition at the Katzen with Dalya Luttwak AMAZING https://t.co/ft2iUIFt3k
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