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And while you are at it Republicans, can you let us know where the children are. And let’s us know when and how they will be reunited with their families #Disgraceful #25thAmmendmentNow
Mattis and Pompeo need to speak out like Dan Coats. People need to step up or out ...or they are a part of this.. the PRESIDENT is dangerous.
My twitter feed is being flooded with big FAT ORANGE BABY BALLOONS WITH teeny hands —in DIAPERS. ITS SO FUNNY!!SO round and angry with a diaper pin. People around it look happy. Omg so funny. Thank you for the funny Friday photos!
Omg this is so funny. Look at the diapers and the little phone!! Tweet me photos if you are there https://t.co/3BVZk08vn9
I’ll retweet any good pix of the #TrumpBabyBalloon sent my way. It’s so FAT AND funny flying up there in the diapers! Send me photos of different angles of the big round angry 🎈 BALLOON 😡
@johnrobertsFox You A great guy and a great reporter. Why did you Pass on the opportunity to stand up for our fellow journalist . A call to all journalists, do not allow the president to bash the media.
Please tweet me pictures of the trump baby balloon... #TrumpBabyBlimp
The Trump baby balloon even has Little hands holding a cell phone. Talk about art imitating life. A big blown up baby in diapers holding a cell phone! Wow the Brits are not holding back on their feelings.
A total embarrassment. @realDonaldTrump just humiliated himself and our country on the world stage. Like his separation policy — incompetence and bluster with real consequences.
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