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Today's #WaughZone is in your inbox and online folks. Lots on Corbyn's referendum nudge forward, new intel on Grieve's tweaked amendment and Feb election talk.
Cold Doesn’t Stop Folks from Heading Outside https://t.co/r8FR5uWdXw
Wrap up warm folks! ❄️❄️❄️

A severe weather warning for ice is in place for all of the Black Country and Staffordshire this morning.
So @ikaveri idiomatically asks someone to jump off a cliff a d @twitter bot punishes her for encouraging suicidal thoughts. Do you think artificial intelligence has a future, folks?
Sen. Kamala Harris says President Trump is "holding the American people hostage over a vanity project that he calls a wall."

"It is completely irresponsible and those folks don't want a wall, they want a paycheck," she adds https://t.co/LfnZCc5wnn
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