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Fox News anchor after Trump speaks: "It's very difficult to try to fact check the president's remarks in real-time"
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Fox's Jesse Watters brings up reporters past substance abuse issues to discredit negative Trump story https://t.co/jZ0qlJnO3f
Laura Ingraham: "The Hollywood deal" is why "transgenderism" is no longer "called a mental condition" https://t.co/01o7YzOi9l
Fox News contributor calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "this girl" and mocks her "big sob story" about a furloughed air traffic controller https://t.co/4vCciTU5em
Laura Ingraham attacks Rep. Ilhan Omar's accent, claims "she doesn't sound like Minnesota" https://t.co/bSXSOJnAuI https://t.co/A8MDrLw6zh
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New: In an apparent bid to protect Roger Stone from the Mueller probe, Infowars has been waging a months-long campaign against its former employee Jerome Corsi https://t.co/KdVab5EfST
Sean Hannity on the radio: Even if Trump did order Cohen to lie to Congress, it doesn't matter because Democrats are hypocrites https://t.co/V2ywxqfYaU
The WSJ editorial board tried to smear striking Los Angeles teachers -- here's what it got wrong https://t.co/8ChXoRAKth
Chris Christie's servile treatment of Trump previews a mythology we’re likely to see from right-wing figures seeking to rationalize an increasingly chaotic and disastrous presidency https://t.co/5hHrAQC6zG via @SimonMaloy
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