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  3. the senate just adjourned til monday, ensuring this will be the longest u.s. government shutdown in history
The Senate just adjourned til Monday, ensuring this will be the longest U.S. government shutdown in history


If the government shutdown lasts beyond tomorrow, domestic violence shelters that rely on federal funding will be forced to begin shutting their doors and closing down hotlines. In so many ways, lives are on the line. https://t.co/h7rySZMm83
ALSO: In the video above, Gillibrand and Booker talk together in passing about his fitness.

CB: "I was chiseled once. Now I just giggle. "
KG: "For the Senate? You are beyond chiseled. Are you kidding? "
CB: "If that's the bar... "

My story on thishttps://t.co/89CePcDJU0:
46,000 IRS employees will be called into work to process tax returns during the government shutdown.

None of them will be paid. https://t.co/pK6j5keF9K
Our outdoor economy and the Coloradans that support it are suffering because of th #TrumpShutdowne . How ma #ShutdownStoriesny like Bruce’s will it take @realDonaldTrumpfor to come to his senses and end this shutdown?
As Pelosi delays SOTU over the shutdown, White House officials have been aiming to make clear to Trump that “this isn’t just a messaging war anymore,” and that he’s “playing with live ammunition,” per @nataliewsj @MichaelCBender. https://t.co/KlmE4969ga
Liberal Democrats will take any genuine opportunity with others to bring this government down. Tonight the #NoConfidenceMotion did not succeed.
The Labour Conference, Labour MPs & members all want a People’s Vote.

Tell Corbyn to back a People's Vote.

The strange part of this is that post-sec is somewhere the Ford government is quite widely expected to cut funding if it goes hard at the deficit this spring. Will that be combined with demanding universities collect less tuition? https://t.co/Xvhgw0yMXC
❌ This UK government is defined by the Brexit mess, austerity, the hostile environment, the rape clause and its utter contempt for Scotland.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tonight, SNP MPs will vote against these farcical Tories in the #NoConfidenceMotion.

This legislation will make sure that government officials are working on behalf of the public interest and our common good.

Together, we wil #StopTheRevolvingDoorl .
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More than half of the workforce of the Internal Revenue Service — about 46,000 employees — will be recalled to work for the tax filing season despite the government shutdown. https://t.co/pK6j5keF9K
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