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Latest Scoops

No public events tomorrow for Trump on MLK day, per WH schedule
Tulsi Gabbard says on @CNNSotu she has no regrets over meeting with Assad, saying it’s important to meet with foreign leaders
Rudy doesn’t say if Trump talked to Cohen about his testimony
Giuliani defends Trump attacking Michael Cohen’s father-in-law ahead of his House testimony, suggests to @jaketapper that the father-in-law may have ties to organized crime. “Michael Cohen is withholding it.”
Giuliani seems to suggest to @jaketapper that Trump told Mueller in written answers that Trump Tower Moscow project conversations occurred through 2015 and 2016
Susan Collins sounds receptive to Trump plan. “I am encouraged that the proposal put forth today would allow the Senate to consider next week a proposal to reopen government” with immigration reforms and disaster relief
Virginia senators - Kaine and Warner - want Trump to agree to open the government first before immigration talks. “To start this process, we have to immediately reopen the government.”
McConnell will have to file cloture and force a vote on Trump plan, which would bring senators who are all over the country to come back to Washington. But it has little chance of getting 60 votes to proceed. McConnell has been decrying “show votes” for the past few weeks
Trump plan being rejected by elements of the right, including hard-line immigration group NumbersUSA. “The offer the President announced today is a loser for the forgotten American workers who were central to his campaign promises.“
McConnell, who has said repeatedly only bills with support of Trump and Dems can end shutdown, says he will hold vote on Trump proposal - even though Dems are rejecting it. “Everyone has made their point—now it’s time to make a law. I intend to move to this legislation this week”
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