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Palestinian-American raised on a steady diet of hummus and fried chicken. Gloom and doom DJ at @BuzzFeedNews.

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@instagram So just so we’re all clear about what has happened, Instagram has allowed a person who’s been trying to hack me for a long time now to have access to my email address!
there WILL be a tense scene involving sending a high stakes push alert, okay??? https://t.co/BoaJMBrIFK
but are you really the child of immigrants if you haven’t had a full on shouting match with western union
Pick Your Enemy On “The Good Place” And We Will Tell You What Sort Of Collusion You Would Do If You Were President Of The United States
FWIW BuzzFeed being a place for pulitzer-worthy reporting and young Jason Momoa thirst posts is exactly why I work here. The internet is a weird, wonderful jumble of things and I am proud to work for a company that embraces that!
🔑 to this story: It is the first known example of Trump explicitly telling a subordinate to lie directly about his own dealings with Russia
so someone added my email to their @instagram account and I can’t remove my email from it, no matter how many times i tell instagram it is not my account! seems like a thing that shouldn’t be hard, but as always platforms have to make would could be an easy thing A Dumb Nightmare
President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project https://t.co/mqDg4RFAUO via @jasonleopold
🎶 you can
push for representation
without erasing
the achievements of others 🎶

🎶when you suggest
there can only be one
you’re not just being
a big ole jerk
you’re kind of helping
reinforce age old
racist ideas 🎶
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