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run @nytmetro's investigations team; edit politics investigations and race coverage on the side; recovering former reporter; root for @LFC. GPG key: 7D4BCC7F.

Latest Scoops

Required reading on the Camp Fire. Fantastic reporting and writing by @latimes team. https://t.co/lM0vxJ2KN6
Masterful piece by ⁦@elisaslow⁩. “She lived alone, and on many days her only personal interaction occurred here, on Facebook.” https://t.co/SFTSDcmcFl
Great @newyorker Sunday reading list: America’s Incarceration Crisis https://t.co/95LSsBY7cH
No more free coffee for NRA employees. Part of cost-savings move. Via ⁦@mikespiesnyc⁩ ⁦@johnjcook⁩ https://t.co/bbodOdGApT
New from ⁦@JaneMayerNYer⁩: E-mails reveal Bannon, then at Cambridge Analytica, “was in the loop on discussions taking place at the time between his company and the leaders of https://t.co/7akk3q8lnt, a far-right nationalist organization.” https://t.co/91Nvxlg0wX
.⁦@jelani9⁩ on Lucy McBath: “The plague of gun violence and the intransigence of the gun lobby in the face of it have often seemed like an unbreakable stalemate. McBath’s election is a small, sure sign of hope.” https://t.co/y0oUsgQrel
Urgent @billmckibben essay: “The planet’s diameter will remain eight thousand miles, and its surface will still cover two hundred million square miles. But the earth, for humans, has begun to shrink, under our feet and in our minds.” https://t.co/czV4vMJ5FM
Got this in my Twitter DMs last night. Two years on, it's still amazing how far that little piece travelled and the impact it made. Good luck Olivia! https://t.co/UoHfhOapYk
.⁦@AnandWrites⁩ talks to ⁦@Ocasio2018⁩ and others to answer the question: “Why do we tolerate, even celebrate, the particular arc of hyper-capitalism that Amazon represents?” https://t.co/tqzuUhoSK5
In a bad PR week for tech, useful read from ⁦@annawiener⁩ on Stewart Brand, a key figure in Silicon Valley’s history. “Brand’s generation will leave behind a frightening, if unintentional, inheritance.” https://t.co/n9LqrOmqsA
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