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Meet this year's first #VisionSF nominee – Martha Ryan, founder and executive director of the @HPP_SF. Martha is a local #visionary who provides care and support for families and women to break the cycle of childhood poverty. Learn more here: https://t.co/Gh4GOedAim
Really this is amazing.

As Reps Katie Hill, @Ocasio2018, Lauren Underwood and others held a Sen elevator on way to McConnells office to ask to reopen gov, Dem Sen Chris Coons was looking for an elevator, passed by and said “who are they? House freshmen I assume?” Then “good for them”
"That looks like culinary heaven...If I was on death row and given one last meal, [McDonalds' No 1] is what I would choose"

Who's hungry? Anderson (obviously) had no choice but to discuss the Clemson Tigers' fast food feast at the White House for this edition of #TheRidiculist.
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Theresa May, UK PM, survives a no-confidence vote a day after Parliament rejected her Brexit deal in a historic defeat. What does this mean for Brexit now? Who knows ... https://t.co/BYkN5opn4c
“Perhaps those living from check to check who find themselves and their children evicted would be welcome at Trump hotels and Mar-a-Lago for the duration of this farce,” writes Kathryn from Bountiful
"Remember Ahmed Mohamed? Everybody called him the "Clock Boy"…where is that outcry for this student? Why isn't the student who used his #1A right to make a comment about something the #2A protects on every nightly #news cycle? Is he gonna get invited to @google?" –@DLoesch #NRA
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SILVER ALERT: Tombstone Marshals Office looking for missing man who could be driving red 2016 Ford Taurus with Minnesota license 786VRN. Please share this to help find him! >> https://t.co/VtnubK16CA
This is why I criticize Facebook but don't tell people to leave it. These sort of uses for it make it crucial to so many who would otherwise be isolated. https://t.co/Sy0mc0ukKv
2 former jail guards on trial in London, Ont., for failing to protect inmate Adam Kargus, who was beaten to death by a cellmate. This morning, jurors watched security footage showing former guard closing office door despite apparent trouble in cell. https://t.co/1gbtLqxJ1q
This is a guy who, for real, thinks Hillary's Russian uraniums need to be investigated, no he's not kidding, he thinks that's a thing https://t.co/bFhacUK6b2
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