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Co-creator of Twin Peaks. Author, filmmaker, producer, sportswriter, fast-lane evacuee.

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How can any self respecting republican watch this abhorrent spectacle of a man without admitting he’s mentally deranged and a mortal danger to the people of this country? Enough is enough. #25thAmendmentNow
Breaking news: the current occupant of the White House is probably on drugs and is definitely out of his fucking mind.
If you read only thing today this is more than worth your time. A reminder of the good one decent human being can do in this life, and a blinding rebuke to the venal barbarity confronting us.
Wilson Fisk would crush his stupid younger stooge, Matthew Whittaker, like an empty Mountain Dew can.
Can’t wait to see this vile sneering frat boy in cuffs, bawling his eyes out at his sentencing hearing.
RIP the truly great James Ingram, wonderful talent, beautiful human being, indelible part of the soundtrack of our lives. #JamesIngram
Daily reminder:
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The rich are different from the rest is us.
Hemingway: Yes. They have more money.
The vacuous narcissism of Howard Schultz’s vanity presidential ambitions proves only one thing: billionaires are in this for themselves. Buyer beware.
Just read this and my eyes started bleeding...

The Most Relevant

Next question : How much of this intel was Mitch McConnell shown just before the ‘16 election when he single-handedly prevented the IC & Obama admin from going public with it?
Godwin has officially suspended Godwin’s Law.
Peaks folk: Thanks for living the dream. Wherever life takes you, may the road always rise to meet your wheels... #TwinPeaks2017
Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style.
Tonight is a tragedy. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is the first day of the resistance.
It’s 2018.
Everybody got your golden shovel?
Start digging.
Let this sink in: Bannon / a self-destructive anti-Semitic nihilistic pro-Russian anarchist / is effectively running our country.
Newspaper endorsement scoreboard:
Clinton 80
Trump 2
(His son-in-laws paper and the National Enquirer
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