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Barely a week goes by without some kind of tech scandal. The global tech-lash is growing. Here’s a look at what the so-called “Big Five” — Apple, Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft — are doing, and how Canada stacks up.
Halifax police had a busy Friday night arresting suspected impaired drivers, including one who was nabbed after crashing into a police cruiser. Three men aged 28, 29, and 56, and a 20-year-old woman were all charged in separate incidents.
For the first time in a generation, there is no captain steering the S.S. Oscar steamship on Sunday night, writes Vinay Menon. It’s like an NFL team with no quarterback or a church service with no pastor or Justin Trudeau with no Gerald Butts.
Mourners will descend upon the Cunard Centre today for the funeral of Ahmad, Rola, Mohamad, Olam, Hala, Rana and Abdullah Barho, the seven children who died in a fast-moving house fire last Tuesday.
The girlfriend of Tylor McInnis didn’t sleep the night the 26-year-old Halifax man was killed. Something “just didn’t seem right.”
Beyond wishful thinking, the political mood in much of Europe — exhausted, divided and under threat from far-right forces — is grim at this halfway mark in the Trump presidency, Tony Burman writes.
My husband and partner of 15 years abruptly decided that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. I never saw it coming. He always said he loved me but one morning, he completely changed. #AskEllie
Going on Tinder alone can be pretty sad. So now, sip and swipe parties are a thing. Would you choose a potential mate around a group of friends?
It’s been a crazy week in Ottawa and the damage reports are starting to roll in, writes @ChantalHbert.

The Most Relevant

A humble soul: Matthew Wuest, Metro sports reporter and @CapGeek founder, dies of cancer.
'A childhood memory people get to live over and over again': Beloved 95-year-old gopher tortoise named Gus has been charming visitors to in since 194#Halifax2 🐢
THIS PHOTO. Name something more Halifax, we'll wait. @trailerparkboys x Crosby
Elizabeth Eden said she ate a poppy seed bagel on the same morning that she went into labour. While she was having contractions, a doctor came into her hospital room and informed her that she’d tested positive for opiates.
NHL superstar Sidney Crosby at 30: The can't miss 'kid' who didn't @penguins
#HaliLadyCab: Women offering drives for others wary of taking Halifax taxis
Halifax staff report moving forward on naming street after Sidney Crosby of @penguins
Remember the one-time Syrian refugee who founded a thriving chocolate company in Nova Scotia? Well, Peace by Chocolate of Antigonish has committed to hiring 50 refugees by 2022, and to mentor 10 refugee-run start-ups over the next few years.
Halifax ranked one of friendliest cities in the world, only Canadian city to make 2017 list
Eric Marshall, 13, has been #missing since 10 AM on Saturday, May 5. If you have any information, please contact Halifax Regional Police, or at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).
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