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Special counsel prosecutors say they have communications of Roger Stone with WikiLeaks
BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors are asking a judge for a jail sentence of approximately 19-24 years in prison for Paul Manafort.
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BREAKING: Five victims killed in shooting in Aurora, Illinois, police chief says.
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Less than 24 hours after declaring a national emergency, President Trump's motorcade has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach. This is the 169th day he has spent at one of the Trump Property golf clubs.
#Dehradun: Daughter of CRPF ASI Mohan Lal pays last tribute to her father. #PulwamaAttack
To justify redirecting federal funds to a wall, President Trump made a litany of assertions about crime, drugs and other issues on the southern border. Nearly all were misleading, exaggerated or false.
If they can arrest Calvey, they are not afraid to arrest anyone. To my Americans friends still doing in business in Russia, it’s time to come home.
any R who votes against a resolution to end the phony shutdown MUST be voted out in 2020. These people do deep damage to the Constitution.
BREAKING: Pope defrocks former cardinal and Archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick over soliciting sex in the confessional
Karnataka: Visuals from Gudigere, Mandya as mortal remains of CRPF Constable Guru H are being brought for last rites. Family members pay their tribute to him. #PulwamaAttack

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You don't have to spend a fortune to have fun in San Diego. Here's a look at ways to enjoy America's Finest City without breaking the bank.
Britain is the world's third-largest lamb exporter, so there may be lot of lamb chops on local menus without a Brexit deal
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