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@IChotiner I love how he keeps saying he's ending the call to go shower but you keep dangling something else in front of him and he stays to keep talking :-)
@leahmcelrath Yeah, not sure that's right tbh: Sanders and Biden took v different stances on incarceration and crime despite Sanders' vote for that bill - as @germanrlopez explains herehttps://t.co/jNrUAkV3oy:
“Of the major players, the boys’ behavior is probably the least egregious.”

“In this case the facts happened to support the right-wing tribe.”

Wrong and wrong.

Amazing that the Times can publish stuff from Brooks that was out of date before he filed it. https://t.co/nx1sIQTash
“New Video Shows MAGA Teens Are Just As Awful As Everyone Thought” - this is THE best piece you’ll read on the #Covington brouhaha and the gaslighting by the right and the capitulation by some centrist media types https://t.co/M6qfFFOm2i
@ComradeBWolf @Pathdom There is a video of them literally standing around him and mocking him and doing tomahawk chops. But who should I believe, you or my own lying eyes? Or the lying Indigenous witnesses? Sheesh.
The facts and videos are clear enough. Some of us are not so easily gaslit. Also the school itself has broader problems.
In this thread, I cite almost a dozen examples of high schools across the country where 'Build the Wall' and 'Trump' were used as chants to racially abuse black and Latino kids at football, basketball and volleyball games - and at lunch, too.

Trumpian kids are a real problem.https://t.co/IU5G5wMELt
12) So, yes, the behaviour of Covington Catholic High School kids in DC was appalling and inexcusable (despite many conservatives and some liberal journos now trying to offer excuses). But it isn't an aberration, sadly. It's in danger of becoming the 'new normal'.
11) One very recent study by academics, of 150,000 students across Virginia, found "higher rates of bullying and certain types of teasing in areas where voters favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election."
10) I could go on and on. Thankfully, if depressingly, the Southern Poverty Law Center @splcenter () has collected horrific anecdotes and examples of racism and bullying inspired by Trump from schools, teachers and students across the countrhttps://t.co/JwsGwWjbSoy:
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