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"People who look directly into the protocol who are not prepared to be honest with themselves, will get killed by the protocol." -@maxkeiser
Would like to interview her (via Skype) for @KeiserReport 😀👍 @stacyherbert
@nvk The airwaves used to be ‘publicly owned’ and news a low-budget trade following tenets of impartial journalism, presented by truthful, bland men.

Airwaves now private. News is high budget. Follows tenets of entertainment and story-telling presented by shiny, lying, cunts.
Find someone that looks at you the way @stacyherbert looks at this French Fry.
I remember the Kent State Massacre. The country was genuinely at risk (unlike now).
#Bitcoin up on #Brexit panic. Market starting to discount a chaotic March, 29.
Shouldn’t genuine victims of anti-Semitism be speaking out against Labour defectors trivialization?
The ‘anti-Semite’ claim by Labour defectors is a Red Herring. Truth is: these were a corporatist Fifth Column bent on privatization and the destruction of Democracy in Britain. #GoodRiddance
My long term target of $100,000 I first mentioned on @KeiserReport at $1.


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The reason I quit my BBC show; got strict orders not to mention Israel in any context. This kind of censorship leads to #Gaza horror.
I quit my BBC show; they have a 'no go' policy re: Israel. Is this why? Revealed - Britain’s 'role' in arming Israel
As I've stated many times before, I quit my BBC show because of their standing edict that I could not mention Israel in any context.
When I worked for I was told by Paul Gibbs to stick to the govt’s ‘unwritten but understood’ script. In protest I quit. I have never encountered anything like this at RT, France24, Press TV, Al Jazeera, or CBS.
God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians.
The bailout of Citibank was more than 10 X's bigger than Greece. Nobody batted an eyelash.
Russia Plans to Ditch US Dollar for Bitcoin, Says University Professor
Poloniex deal signals “all clear” to Wall St. to pour billions (if not trillions) into crypto. 2018 pullback is done. Charts are bullish. $28,000 in play. Sticking to my 2011 call, BTC hits $100,000.
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