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91,441 followers   •   775 following   •   Los Angeles   •   http://facebook.com/maude
Aussie Host in LA. Creator of @Geekbomb. See me @HoytsAustralia, @bbcamerica @Anglophenia @Nerdist's #AlphaBookClub. PUNstoppable Business: MoreMaudie@Gmail.com

Latest Scoops

Reina you’re breaking the internet here
It’s a @thatgrltrish appreciation post for her birthday!! This girl is sweetness, wonder and kickass wrapped in one incredible lady! Hope your day has been perfect, you deserve it. PS how cool are capes
@thatgrltrish I’m finding I use this more and more as a response to people who complain about/belittle my interests... https://t.co/
These two 😍 #AlphaBookClub is my happy place (@RachelHeine @Hectorisfunny)
@GeekBomb 1. #Zelda Ocarina of Time (Best single-player game of all time)
2. Mario Kart 64 (having 4 players meant I could FINALLY play with my 2 order bros instead of being forced to spectate only)
3. Heroes of Might & Magic 3 (on PC, the best TBS fantasy game imo, amazing single & multi https://t
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All month I'm raising funds to make Season 2 of #FungeonsFlagons! $3991/$5500 has been raised! All donators can contribute to aspects of the campaign (Currently asking for Race/Ability ideas!) https://t.co/OaRyzPqdJ7
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Latest video on @GeekBomb's Facebook: All about #WorldofWarcraft @Blizzard_Ent Why Alliance & Horde HATE EACH OTHER?! Full video click below! https://t.co/YBCwkR5Imj
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The first Patreon-only input for #FungeonsFlagons S2 is here! Donate $2+ and help decide upcoming RACES + ABILITIES https://t.co/MUlkgrOE8S Help this show get made!!
I refuse to finish Zelda #BreathoftheWild for the exact reason
My Sunday:
Earlier - 🍷 + 🍕 + @PlayOverwatch
Now - 🛀🏼 + ☕️ + #HarryPotter
I’ve nailed how to have a day off!
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