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Aussie Host in LA. Creator of @Geekbomb. See me @HoytsAustralia, @bbcamerica @Anglophenia @Nerdist's #AlphaBookClub. PUNstoppable Business: MoreMaudie@Gmail.com

Latest Scoops

Stan Lee was every geek’s grandad. He achieved so much, was so generous with this time and presence and lived a long, impressive life. #excelsior
If a psychic doesn’t say “I’ve been expecting you” when you walk in, they’re doing it all wrong.
Showing off a new @shopwhut design! This is #TriAgain with 3D effect! 3 new looks went up on https://t.co/ql4evQmG4Q 💙❤️
Like this tweet if you voted today so people know you’re a legend
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I FINALLY got a wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Which wand picked me...? (Get you in a voting mood!)
(Yes, I made friends with a pelican)
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Home stretch for #HomecomingTV! I've been bingeing it all weekend. Good job, @AmazonVideo. Recommend watching for the plants, pineapples and pelicans alone! (It'll make sense, trust me 😉)@HomecomingTV #PrimeVideoPartner 🍍
Episode TWO of #FungeonsFlagons is up! Watch what ‘Tad’ @SamBashor ‘Samantha’ @Hectorisfunny and ‘Davve’ @RobertKazinsky get up to in season 2! https://t.co/arQAzWCvpR
SIIIIICK! Getting a check up before I check out the rest of #HomecomingTV! Love that this new @AmazonVideo show is 30 mins/ep, I’m all about the binge. Mark my words -@JuliaRoberts has her name on an Emmy.@HomecomingTV comes out today!#PrimeVideoPartner #IGotTheAllClear
Staying in my bubble at the @FantasticBeasts #CrimesofGrindelwald junket ☺️
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