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Aussie Host in LA. Creator of @Geekbomb. See me @HoytsAustralia, @bbcamerica @Anglophenia @Nerdist's #AlphaBookClub. PUNstoppable Business: MoreMaudie@Gmail.com

Latest Scoops

My next cosplay 💪🏼
Where can you see me this #SDCC?

📚🍷 THURSDAY NIGHT 7-8pm we have an #AlphaBookClub meet up (WITH WINE!) at Sparks Gallery (no pass needed)

🙋🏼‍♀️🤓 SATURDAY 2:30-4:30pm I’ll be signing in the Sails Pavilion Autograph Area Booth #AA20! New @shopwhut postcards & stickers!
The Fresh Prints look from @shopwhut https://t.
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New Video up!
Fun snippets from interviews with Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Cate Blanchette, Sandra Bullock and more!

Giggles galore.

Let’s make like Tom and Cruise #missionimpossiblefallout
I’ve never been photo bombed by the Eiffel Tower before, cheeky bugger.
The #MissionImpossible franchise successfully manages to one-up itself each time. Such a gripping ride! @TomCruise makes it his mission for the stunts to look impossible, you’ll constantly be holding your breath while sitting on the edge of your seat 😲🤯#MissionImpossibleFalloutFallout
Haven’t done a #MakeupScare in a while and this one did NOT disappoint! Poor Monique literally squealed! 😂😈
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I want to personally thank the @artvsscience boys for their song ‘Parlez-Vous Francais’, it’s not only taught me French phrases and pronunciation but the best places to shop. Coming from 3 Aussie chaps, that’s very impressive. 10/10 recommend https://t.co/6o249ErAhc
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