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Weiss made some mistakes in her youth, but transportation to Australia like she’s a 19th century convict seems excessive as punishment.
Gonna have to do a Chopper meme about Beto/Bredesen later.
Weird that Ford not only made up a story to smear Kavanaugh but specifically named a witness who could debunk her fraudulent account but then Senate Republicans didn’t ask him to testify.

It’s a little disappointing that the Sienna/Upshot polling keeps just showing that the tossup races are tossups and the lean Republican races are leaning toward the GOP.

But sometimes reality is boring, I guess.
Just paid $5 for a cold brew that’s not even that big at a frou frou coffee place — should’ve gone to Dunkin
The upshot is you end up with guys like Kavanaugh who manage to parlay high LSAT scores + party loyalty into a pseudo-prestigious resume without anything they’ve been involved with actually working out well or being objectively impressive.
Because of how thin the pool is, the people who get tapped for those entry level gigs tend to see their careers advance very rapidly — onto the bench or becoming US attorneys etc. — as long as they stay interested in public sector work and party loyalty.
For whatever reason, a very large majority of people with top-notch LSAT scores are Democrats.

But approximately half of federal judges and US presidents are Republicans. So they hire clerks and lawyers from a much smaller, thinner pool of elite law school grads.
Something we don’t discuss enough in American politics is the incredibly intense affirmative action for Republican lawyers.
Is the thinking in conservative circles that Ken Starr, Alex Kozinski, and George W. Bush are examples of really admirable and successful people and that a career spent working in those operations should be considered impressive?

They kinda all seem like huge fuckups.
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