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Note that the Special Counsel’s office’s statement is very carefully worded and does *not* deny the existence of the pee tape.
A good thing to ask yourself about any “bombshell” is if it turns out to be false does it change your opinion about the big issues at stake?

Is Trump now a good president who is fit for office and uses power in appropriate ways?

Don’t put your faith in big reveals.
The Instant Pot is neither instant nor a pot. Discuss.
@xenocryptsite @BrianPJencunas It was popular on liberal blogs pre-Beck but I don’t think has ever been a very sound analysis of the conservative movement.
The twentysomething socialists don’t know what we’ve been through.
The book does seem to specifically argue that it might be better to tolerate Donald Trump (he is literally the example) than to put up with the excesses of political correctness, which I disagree with but certainly anticipated contemporary debates very well.
One early hint that Trump’s relationship with Russia was not entirely on the level was when he hired a veteran of Russian influence efforts to run his campaign, openly asked for Russian assistance, and in exchange publicly promised to adopt a pro-Russian foreign policy.
In a historical episode with no resonances whatsoever, a progressive political party was so desperate for respectability that it found itself bewitched by sound money orthodoxy paving the way for a far-right takeover.
Use the time machine to convince Chancellor Müller to abandon the gold standard, reflate the economy with deficit spending, and avert the Nazi rise to power.
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