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What it all comes down to is I haven’t got it all figured out just yet.
Some of these quotes @attackerman got are not very civil.

Everyone’s just working two or three jobs probably.
My favorite version of this was a guy who told me he either favored the aluminum tariffs and opposed the steel tariffs or the other way around, but couldn’t remember which at the moment.
In general, one of the things that really surprised me in my first five or so years in DC was learning how little policy knowledge members of congress have.

I think it’s genuinely bad, but also that not everyone assessing this has the baseline pegged correctly.
I would love to see all 400+ House members asked what exactly the unemployment rate measures and see how many get it right.
I’m not one of those “Abolish ICE” liberals, I just want work permits and a path to citizenship for millions of long-settled unauthorized immigrants.
Every allied government gave me a decoration — even Montenegro, little Montenegro down on the Adriatic Sea!
Two points on Brian Kemp:

Using a chain saw on a pile of paper is extremely dangerous, and trying to transport prisoners in the bed of a pickup truck suffers from some really obvious flaws.

I think maybe you misunderstood me.
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