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Now Channel 4 Europe Editor and presenter. Author of Italy the Unfinished Revolution and Only in America. Still husband of 1 and father of 4.

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#bbccameraman Ron Skeans fr Ohio is one of best in the business and a true gentleman. Shame on his shover! @realDonaldTrump Cld reign it in
Which is also one reason why the EU won’t offer any meaningful concessions
@donaldtusk lingo oft tad colourful: “Brexit has broken our hearts” to today’s “hell” and of course Instagram of cake/cherries.
“Survivable” a la was never on the side of a bus
#NoDealBrexit: terrifying for some. Historic opportunity to put the stiffness back into Britain”s upper lip for others. #whodowethinkweare?
The EU had been dealing with the consequences of the Tory party’s split over Europe for decades. This is taking collateral to new level
Just had it confirmed that @theresa_may was told by Jean Claude Juncker that EU wld NOT reopen WA BEFORE she told Commons that was her planB
Overheard in Berlin bakery: “Brexit is like a 97 year old royal behind the wheel. You know it’s a bad idea but are too polite to stop it.”
This made me laugh so much. A necessary fix!

The Most Relevant

The Prime Minister keeps changing her mind on Brexit. Are the people allowed to change theirs?
#LocalElections2017 UKIP down 16.3 percent TORY up 17.2 percent. Like a python ingesting a yapping poodle. No trace left, just metabolised
Mexicans calling out @POTUS on principle. Germans keeping their polite distance. Brits lunging into WH arms like cheer leader on prom night
Farage to take EU pension as he lambasts UK funds that guarantee it. No wonder he hasn’t shouted more about divorce bill. #HYPOCRITE
Mexico built a wall around their goal and Germany paid for it.
Poland has said it cannot accept migrants under EU quota system post Paris attack. It starts
Gasps at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
The Pound has joined the opposition. Down almost 2% to USD
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