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@mashable 4 months
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vintage apple fans you re going to want to start saving
vintage apple fans you re going to want to start saving
Vintage Apple fans: you're going to want to start saving 💸

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@Variety 2 hours
gameofthrones cast bids farewell to the historic series
#GameOfThrones cast bids farewell to the historic series
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pete buttigieg gets standing ovation at end of fox news town hall surprising chris wallace
Vala Afshar
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billionaire technology investor robert f smith told morehouse college s class of 2019 that he s giving them th
Billionaire technology investor Robert F. Smith told Morehouse College's Class of 2019 that he's giving them the ultimate graduate gift: A grant that will wipe out their student loans. It will cost him an estimated $40 million
UN Development
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jaime lannister s fight in may have ended but irl our goodwill ambassador continues fighting the good fight ag
Jaime Lannister's fight in #GameofThrones
may have ended, but IRL our Goodwill Ambassador @nikolajcw
continues fighting the good fight against #climatechange. Join him & take #climateaction. Learn what you can do to win this battle: #GameOfThronesFinale
Kimberley A. Martin
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theme song plays for the final time demthrones
*Theme song plays for the final time* #DemThrones
Al Jazeera English
can french muslims ever be justfrench
Can French Muslims ever be just...French?
Joe Scarborough
this guy is special and i love that many americans are being energized by this candidates intelligence thought
This guy is special. And I love that many Americans are being energized by this candidate’s intelligence, thoughtfulness, and decency.
Reuters Top News
democratic presidential hopeful buttigieg draws crowd for fox town hall
Democratic Presidential hopeful Buttigieg draws crowd for Fox town hall
@business 32 minutes
breaking top us corporations including qualcomm intel and google have frozen the supply of critical software a
BREAKING: Top U.S. corporations including Qualcomm, Intel and Google have frozen the supply of critical software and components to Huawei during Trump crackdown, sources say
Anand Giridharadas
amid the worthy praise for robert smiths gift a bitter truth smith has opposed closing the carried interest lo
Amid the worthy praise for Robert Smith’s gift, a bitter truth:

Smith has opposed closing the carried-interest loophole, which enriches his industry and may cost the government $18 billion a year. Closing it would raise enough to do 450 such gifts a year.
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