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Back to the classroom. It was announced @SecondLady is teaching art twice a week at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, VA, a DC suburb. She says teaching art to elementary school students is "what I love to do." She taught for 25 years before @VP became Indiana Governor.
Leading the network evening newscasts: CBS: Deadly terror attack on hotel in Kenya; ABC/NBC: Atty Gen nominee William Barr defends Mueller investigation at confirmation hearings.
"We're not gonna get results with the Government shut down," says @LindseyGrahamSC. He says a 3 week funding bill to reopen the Government "would produce results." Says he told @POTUS that might produce a breakthrough. If not, he can use his executive power.
.@SenSchumer says he'll meet with Pres Trump "any time he wants." Says the last time was last Wednesday, when Schumer says @POTUS "threw a temper tantrum and walked out" of the border security talks. Says he hasn't hear d from the president since then.
House Republicans decry Democrats for not accepting invitations to their lunch with the President on border wall negotiations. They say it was supposed to be a bipartisan lunch and its "pretty telling that no Democrats showed up."
"I thought I was coming to a bipartisan luncheon. None of the Democrats showed up," says Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), emerging from luncheon with Pres Trump to discuss border wall negotiations. Wants Democrats to come to the table, says Wenstrup.
AG-nominee William Barr says he has asked Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to stay on through a transition until a new Deputy is named and he said he would. No date set yet.
Now @PressSec says "unfortunately," no rank-and-file Democrats will attend Pres Trump's lunch in search of a border wall deal to end partial Government shutdown. "It's time for the Democrats to come to the table and make a deal," says Sarah Sanders.
"We want to negotiate. We're ready to make a deal with them," says @mercedesschlapp about @POTUS lunch today with Congressional Democrats & Republicans. She says WH looking to make some inroads with rank-and-file Dems and GOPs because won@NancyPelosi't make counteroffer.
Since Pres Trump's not going to the @wef in Davos, Switzerland next week due to the partial Govt shutdown, he has named @stevenmnuchin1 to head the US delegation, which also includes @SecPompeo, @SecretaryRoss and @USTradeRep.
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