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I'm a British writer based in Brazil. I write books on tech and I'm a ghostwriter... #runner #vegetarian #escritor #technology #cx instagram: @markhillary

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@acgrayling Myself, and every other Brit I know in Brazil only received ballot papers a couple of days before the 2016 vote - it was impossible for all UK citizens here to vote... and almost certainly in other countries too
Jared Kushner’s biggest real estate gaffe just got a shady Qatari bailout - <- no conflict of interest here eh?
Ela é brasileira - ela perdeu sua bolsa em londres, você a conhece?
Careful with those teeth!
Theresa May ‘suppressed’ up to 9 studies which found immigration does not harm UK workers #brexit #brexitshambless#brexitchaoshambles chaos The UK @ByDonkeysis truly led
Good to see that @BBCNews readers are more focused on @Toblerone than #USElections2016
The more I read on Stephen Doughty's resignation the less I trust @BBCNews what a shame to have to say that now
Unsealed court records just revealed whole Trump family faces criminal charges -
Temer perdoou R$ 47,4 bi de dívidas de empresas, maior anistia em 10 anos @estadao:
Steve Jones and Chris Parker - yesterday homeless beggars and now heroes I hope #Manchester helps these guys now
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