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Airport security checkpoints have been closed due to the shutdown. Important safety work has been suspended.

The U.S. air travel system has remained safe during the shutdown so far, but what happens the longer it continues?

my very important analysis of the Barr hearing so far:

William Barr sounds like Jon Favreau

that's all, that's the end of it
brand: [16 hours later] ah, i see a perfect opportunity for a Timely Joke
Netflix, which is about to lose its Disney movies and is borrowing heavily to pay for its programming, is raising its prices again for the second time in 15 months, this time upping prices for all of its U.S. subscribers https://t.co/pKgNRJzmfz
when Dabo starts mailing you serial killer-type messages using cut out letters from fast food packaging, but the letters just spell WE WON over and over
when you see what you could’ve had if your team wasn’t bazooka’d from outer space in the title game
Wait why is Clemson at the White House so soon after the title game and for a nighttime event, when they have - in recent years at least - been in the middle of the day?

Also Clemson is there because they obliterated Alabama, never forget that, just vivisected em, RIP Bama
This Atlantic project is a good attempt at coming up with a more thorough list of astonishing Trump moments, touching on everything from the CIA wall speech to his decision to ridicule a woman who said she was sexually assaulted (and many more) https://t.co/6C40QMjQTH

Conan relaying a great Albert Brooks anecdote about the impermanence of life and the fleeting nature of fame, success and all the things we see today https://t.co/D0ERUEDrNK
folks, I think it's time to have a conversation about Who These Headlines Are For again
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