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Marco Rubio
is deploying military personnel in w hemisphere in this is a direct challenge to our national interest amp pos
#Russia is deploying military personnel in W. Hemisphere in #Venezuela.

This is a direct challenge to our national interest & poses a direct threat to our national security.

It must & I am confident will be addressed.
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The Hill
gop lawmaker condemns send her back chants at trump rally this ugliness must end
GOP lawmaker condemns "send her back" chants at Trump rally: "This ugliness must end"
Jamie Dupree
the us house has approved a plan from democrats to raise the minimum wage to 15 hour by 2025 bill is likely do
The US House has approved a plan from Democrats to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2025; bill is likely DOA in the Senate
Rep. Jim Jordan
first democrats ignore the border crisis then they blame the president for the crisis even though he s working
First Democrats ignore the border crisis.

Then they blame the President for the crisis, even though he's working to fix it.

All while making ridiculous and dangerous statements that incentivize more illegal immigrants to come in the first place!
Jeremy Corbyn
if boris johnson and jeremy hunt won t use the r word i will donald trump telling four congresswomen of colour
If Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt won't use "the R word", I will:

Donald Trump telling four Congresswomen of colour to "go back" is racist.

The two contenders to be the next Prime Minister should call out this far-right hate speech for what it is.
Sam Stein
hope hicks rarely gets any of the criticism of her peers in the trump orbit but she was clearly intricately in
Hope Hicks rarely gets any of the criticism of her peers in the Trump orbit but she was, clearly, intricately involved in the covering up of a story about an affair that could have easily changed the course of the election.
The New Yorker
parenting in 2019
Parenting in 2019.
Chuck Schumer
president whipped up a toxic brew of racism xenophobia nativism his crowd chanting send her back about a membe
President @realDonaldTrump whipped up a toxic brew of racism, xenophobia, nativism

His crowd chanting “send her back” about a member of Congress & US citizen

The way he appeals to the worst instincts of some people was despicable—eerily familiar to what happens in dictatorships
Manu Raju
asked graham about the difference between john mccain who told a woman that obama wasn t an arab and trump now
Asked Graham about the difference between John McCain, who told a woman that Obama wasn't an Arab, and Trump now: "I don't remember John McCain having to go through this crap every day, all the time."
Manu Raju
just asked omar about the chants and she says of trump i believe he is a fascist responding to lindsey graham
Just asked Omar about the chants, and she says of Trump: "I believe he is a fascist." Responding to Lindsey Graham, who said if she were wearing a MAGA hat Trump wouldn't have said 'go back:' "Because I criticized the president, I should be deported?"
Jim Acosta
trump tries to put the genie back in the bottle telling reporters he didnt like send her back chant which was
Trump tries to put the genie back in the bottle, telling reporters he didn’t like “send her back” chant which was prompted by his own speech targeting Rep. Omar and his racist tweets earlier in the week.
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