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The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. -Robert Frost

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@lpolovets @bznotes @semil I see it as issues of people expecting clear rules and getting rewarded for following them. Too many people (Wall Street, illegal immigrants, corporate execs, "allies ", etc) get ahead without playing by the rules. The politicians kept looking the other way.
@lpolovets @bznotes @semil Leo..Failure of D and R mainstream to address issues of free trade, Wall Street Casino Capitalism, immigration, unaddressed foreign policy challenges (like N Korea and European failure to pull its weight in Nato). Clinton, W, and Obama were all talk no action. So was Hillary.
@semil @bznotes @fdestin Semil - It's OK... There are still a few folks who think I'm worth their time. I will struggle to find a way to find those people and work with them :)
@semil @fdestin @bznotes Problem w people who hate Trump is they are too arrogant to understand the legitimate reasons he won. They won’t even DO THE WORK to understand. It’s way easier to hang with your buddies in the bubble.
@fdestin @bznotes @semil And also the idea that everyone who voted for him is racist or sexist or ignorant is extraordinarily arrogant and narrow minded.
@bznotes @semil Your inability to consider the legitimate disagreements of others is getting in YOUR way. PS...I voted against Trump but I know why he won. You should do more work to listen and understand
So many people on this thread are intellectually arrogant I don’t even know where to begin.
In my experience...people who glorify VCs or bash VCs are immature and insecure. Same is true about founders. Everyone has a job to do. Most people would be better off if they just do their job.
Who writes the most awesome B2B blogs that offer thoughtful and contrarian signals about the future?
This is probably the clearest piece I’ve read about the Kavanaugh situation. https://t.co/18kvtwYYWd
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