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Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. Tweeting from the lululemon Store Support Centre in Vancouver BC and living #thesweatlife.
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Don't keep us waiting, what gear made it home with you?
@jazmynefit Congrats, keep it up.
Looks like a beautiful night for a run.
Oh oh. What is on its way to you?
We love the hustle. Head on in to your local store to chat about our Ambassador and R&D programs.
Comfort for the win.
There's no time like the present to take care of yourself.
Pack and go—stuff your suitcase efficiently without sacrificing style: https://t.co/H7pQtLHjZz.
Deep breath. It's all about that non-attachment. (And, think of the space you're clearing out for some rad new gear.)
Oops. Secret's out.
Overheard on the Vancouver leg of our @loveyourbrain tour, courtesy of @troyhadeed. #heretobe
Overheard on the Vancouver leg of our @loveyourbrain tour, courtesy of @troyhadeed. #heretobe
Goals = crushed.
Like father, like daughter.
What's giving you all those feels at work?
We love you too. (See, that law of attraction is working already.)
We couldn't agree more.
Now that's an addiction we can fully support.
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