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Glad @POTUS signed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act into law, a bill I cosponsored to provide back-pay to federal employees impacted by the gov. shutdown. As we work to find a path forward in Congress, these men & women deserve whatever assurances we can provide them.
I appreciate the AFN for hosting this substantive, informative event, allowing for conversations that will help spur Arctic policy and economic development.
During the briefing I discussed the importance of ensuring everyone involved has a voice and a say in developing and implementing policies, and demonstrating that the issues in Alaska that are often so extreme that most cannot appreciate or understand the issues at hand.
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AFN held their annual Alaska Day event in D.C. to discuss the opportunities & challenges we face at our northernmost border. The briefing included military personnel, the AK Congressional Delegation, Cabinet officials, energy executives, & AK Native leaders from across the state.
That court decision upends decades of cooperation between the State of AK & AK tribes to ensure that Native children in need of aid are placed in culturally supportive environments. ICWA is among the most significant pieces of Indian legislation Congress has ever enacted.
.@repdonyoung & I, alongside five other Congressional colleagues, filed an amicus curiae brief w/ the Fifth Circuit, US Court of Appeals in support of the Indian Child Welfare Act or ICWA. This follows an Oct 4, 2018 Texas federal court ruling deeming ICWA as unconstitutional.
I am proud to join with this group in an effort to persuade the US Court of Appeals that ICWA is in fact constitutional and that the Texas federal court decision is inconsistent with Congress’ plenary power over matters of Indian Affairshttps://t.co/rK1BVaWAxb.
In Alaska @usdafsa, offices in Palmer and Delta Junction will open on January 17, 18, and 22 for limited purposes. If you have questions or need assistance from FSA, please contact the offices directlhttps://t.co/Rkh1rY5291y.
For the sake o @USCGf , AK's maritime activities & national security, I’m proud to support the Pay our Coast Guard Act & the End Government Shutdowns Act, to permanently end gov. shutdowns w/good sense solution to avoid a funding lapse--for our fed. workers, families & our nation.
Our legislation provides significant support through authorizing grants which will allow us to take a step towards changing the economic landscape in rural Alaska and mapping the economic future of Alaska Native communities by merging culture with development.
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