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Made it into the top 10 best nights of my life, I think
It has recently come to my attention that it is raining
It has recently come to my attention that it is raining
May you all have the best friend who goes to multiple concession stands, saying, "She wants a straw? She's getting a straw!"
Full Transparency: In a past life, I was a '70s power babe
Full transparency: I'm seeing my first Phish show tonight. I will be wearing a flower crown while behaving like a clown.
Lay your head to sleep, liberal media!!
I'm just relieved this is the last bad thing we'll hear!
I don't take life 100% seriously, and the main reason is that I once performed Billy Joel's "Piano Man" for a middle school talent show
Peter's OK, folks
Listen, Factbox is also the name of my vagina
Scaramucci is a few cups of coffee away from referring to Trump as our "Supreme Leader"
Things are pretty bad when SEAN SPICER is the gutsiest member of your party
Today's office, courtesy of @megan_styleGF 💞
Today's office, courtesy of @megan_styleGF 💞
Is this about marrying Justin
Is this about marrying Justin
Ahaha I'm still going. Would recommend.
Lol I forgot I changed some awful dude's contact to simply "No," and just burned calories laughing when he text me
❗️New Thigh-High Politics: Under Candice Jackson, Trump's disregard for women's bodies is becoming public policy. https://t.co/6WyXulpw2a
It doesn't always feel like it, but there is so much power in the resistance. Keep pushing.
I wrote about campus rape all day, so sorry if my heart is a little BLACK. s/o incredibly supportive @TeenVogue editor @ellaceron 💞
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