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Senate panel approves Mike Pompeo as secretary of State after Rand Paul flips to support https://t.co/uPVUXNcHfc
First "Crazy Rich Asians" trailer flaunts its opulence and all-Asian cast https://t.co/P9zBECpXk0
Climate change will make California's drought-flood cycle more volatile, study finds https://t.co/aYYTQLAc7k
In an ominous sign for patient safety, 71% of reusable medical scopes - used for colonoscopies, lung procedures, kidney stone removal and other routine operations - tested positive for bacteria at three major U.S. hospitals https://t.co/tTdcwgTUD5
Monkey can't sue for copyright infringement of selfies, 9th Circuit rules https://t.co/OBZnddXAxE
Ahead of the upcoming summit, South Korea says it will stop blasting K-Pop and propaganda along border with the North https://t.co/caUn3EjkBl
Southwest Airlines inspecting virtually its entire fleet of planes following fatal accident https://t.co/AWNTq8e8ZB
Senate panel set to approve Mike Pompeo as secretary of State after Rand Paul flips to support https://t.co/uPVUXNcHfc
With arrest of Waffle House shooting suspect, "Nashville can breathe a sign of relief," mayor says https://t.co/j5aXQ6YqfZ
A string of armed robberies at L.A.-area Trader Joe’s has police investigating whether they’re linked https://t.co/hcnkMkQ5IB
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