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Canadian politics. I like to lunch. IG/Snap: lstone00

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Super excited that @jeffreybgray will be joining me soon at the @globeandmail’s Queen’s Park bureau! Welcome to #onpoli Jeff! 🙌
Government to spend billions less for disabled veterans, budget watchdog says
Ontario won’t commit to public inquiry into #BruceMcArthur case until after judge’s review via ⁦@TuThanhHa⁩ & I #onpoli
Asked by @DonMartinCTV if there is any possibility to make changes to its autism program, @DougFord2014 says the "system was broken" when the PCs came into government and they've made good changes. But he adds, "Can we always improve? I believe in continuous improvement.#onpoli"
In scrum with reporters, @MacLeodLisa repeatedly says she feels for parents who are upset about changes to the autism program, but she is steadfast on implementing it to clear the waitlist within 18 months. No going back. #onpoli
@solmamakwa . asks for an emergency team to be sent there @GregRickford; repeats his reply that the govt is working with partners but is disappointed in feds. NDP shouts “it’s your responsibility.”
Very quiet in the legislature as @solmamakwa asks the govt about the dire situation in Cat Lake First Nation. @GregRickford responds that he’s talking w chief and council regarding declaration of emergency and will talk to feds about housing.
Horwath asks MacLeod if she agrees with @randyhillier ’s suspension, and if she herself should resign for her past comments about autism. MacLeod doesn’t bite; accuses the NDP of playing politics and says during a difficult financial time for the province, she increased funding.
First question from @AndreaHorwath in Ontario QP is about autism; specially comments @MacLeodLisa made to CTV’s @ColinDMello about using funding to buy an iPad. Ms. MacLeod responds that the govt’s plan is about choice, and that includes technology.
Hydro One’s response to the Ontario government directing them to limit the CEO compensation to $1.5 million is...short on details. #onpoli

The Most Relevant

Very emotional scrum with parents of autistic children outside of the legislature after they screamed down the hall at PC MPPs. They say they haven’t been able meet with Minister @MacLeodLisa or talked to @DougFord2014 about the government’s changes#onpoli.
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Spotted in the Queen’s Park media studio... #onpoli
I've asked PMO twice if will be visiting the in the wake o#Danforthf the . The response#TorontoShooting is, "We'll keep you posted." Mr. Trudeau is currently in B.C. on vacation #cdnpoli
Wow. Trudeau just said he told Trump they were close to a NAFTA deal and offered to meet with President to discuss and all seemed positive, but U.S. VP Mike Pence called him on Tues, and said a pre-condition was a 5 yr sunset clause, which Trudeau rejected.
Andrew Scheer abruptly ended his press conference when I asked him about his campaign manager's ties to Rebel Media. #cdnpoli
Prime Minister Trudeau just left the House - said he’d rather be debating gun legislation “that’s going to keep Canadians safe”; wouldn’t answer when I asked why he won’t let Daniel Jean testify #cdnpoli
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NEW: Former RCMP head Bob Paulson calls for review of hiring of Doug Ford’s friend Ron Taverner as OPP commissioner /via @globeandmail #onpoli #cdnpoli
"I found...Harper more respectful of me as a leader in Parliament than I find Mr. Trudeau" Mulcair says in exit intv
Full page ad in @globeandmail today from dozens of business leaders, incl @ArleneDickinson, abt tax changes #cdnpoli
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