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Co-anchor, Fox & Friends host, Kilmeade & Friends, NY Times Best Selling Author. Join my NEW book club: http://bit.ly/1F2A0fo

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My buddy Colonel CJ Douglas, before an operation in Helmand Province, with the Team Police, Task Force South West. His 5th combat tour since 9/11 coming to a close. America doesnt make any better!!
Hey everyone in Fort Myers - I will be signing copies of my book 'Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans' this Saturday, November 17th at Barnes & Noble at 13751 Tamiami Trail, Ft. Myers, FL 33912.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Tune in now if you love history! @hwbrands is in studio talking about his new book ‘Heirs Of The Founders’. Listen @ https://t.co/JYWWnf1xZd & go get his book https://t.co/x1yoTuPwD7
Thanks @mattgutmanABC for coming on radio to talk about your incredible new book! If you missed him, you can check out the interview here—> https://t.co/m1A9mr7wKx
I'll be headed to the Vero Beach and Fort Meyers this weekend, Saturday, November 17, to sign copies of "​Andrew Jackson and The Miracle of New Orleans".
Hope to see some of you there!
Get more information and tickets here:
Part of my series of What Made America Great. A visit atop #MountRushmore with @RepRyanZinke! Order @foxnation today: https://t.co/ZBo1iBnAiY
#TheBrianKilmeadeShow starts now! Tune in on @foxnewsradio from 9am-noon ET! https://t.co/SJcMFm75wL
My new book "Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans" is now available in paperback! Get your copy TODAY! https://t.co/JfXl6tCa0T
Peggy Rowe & Sha@mikeroweworksre Family Stories From Peggy’s New Book “About My Mother” on #TheBrianKilmeadeShowhttps://t.co/N70T6jVkma
Excited for all to see my contribution to all new @foxnation streaming network!
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