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Khary Penebaker
sunset for march 21 2019 at 07 06pm in case you missed it it is a reminder that there is beauty still in this
Sunset for March 21, 2019 at 07:06PM! In case you missed it. It is a reminder that there is beauty still in this world, among all of the ugliness. “I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.” @AnneFrankCenter

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@cspan 2 hours
white house easter egg roll live on c span
White House Easter Egg Roll – LIVE on C-SPAN
Reuters Politics
just in trump says herman cain withdraws from consideration for fed board seat
JUST IN: Trump says Herman Cain withdraws from consideration for Fed board seat
Clinton Foundation
you can have prosperity you can have a decent life and still be able to breathe air drink water give your kids
"You can have prosperity, you can have a decent life, and still be able to breathe air, drink water, give your kids a brighter future and avert the worst consequences of climate change." —President @billclinton #EarthDay
CNN Politics
trump fed pick stephen moore called it a travesty that women feel free to play sports with men
Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore called it a "travesty" that women "feel free" to play sports with men
Mark Knoller
nobody disobeyed by orders said pres trump asked by a reporter about the mueller report assertions that some a
"Nobody disobeyed by orders," said Pres Trump, asked by a reporter about the Mueller Report assertions that some aides did not carry out his orders. Also said he's not worried about impeachment, not ever a little bit.
Hillary Clinton
wonderful news three communities of worshippers in louisiana have surpassed their fundraising goal to rebuild
Wonderful news: Three communities of worshippers in Louisiana have surpassed their fundraising goal to rebuild after their historically black churches were lost to arson. Thanks to everyone who contributed and spread the word.
Donald J. Trump
spoke to president maithripala sirisena of sri lanka yesterday to inform him that the united states stands by
Spoke to President Maithripala Sirisena of Sri Lanka yesterday to inform him that the United States stands by him and his country in the fight against terrorism. Also expressed condolences on behalf of myself and the People of the United States.
Narendra Modi
campaigned in jodhpur this evening the mood was euphoric situation of the congress in rajasthan is so bad that
Campaigned in Jodhpur this evening. The mood was euphoric.

Situation of the Congress in Rajasthan is so bad that the Chief Minister has given up on other seats and is going to every small lane of Jodhpur just to protect his own dynasty. But, people are with BJP!
United Nations
shes our one and only planet on earthday and every day lets treat her better
She’s our one and only planet.

On #EarthDay and every day, let’s treat her better.
Video player
Narendra Modi
this is how udaipur came to support us at todays huge rally spoke about the steps taken by the nda government
This is how Udaipur came to support us!

At today’s huge rally, spoke about the steps taken by the NDA Government for the poor, marginalised and downtrodden.

Also exposed Congress’ double speak on strategic affairs and their neglect of the welfare of tribal communities.
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