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  3. kkk on the bridge in mebane, nc this morning 😪
KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning 😪
KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning 😪


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We have the pleasure to accommodate Breakfast Workshop on Geospatial Data and Services by @FinlandNY in our office this morning. #FinlandUN #GeospatialData
Ahh...Friday! Thank goodness. Here’s a peek at your weekend. You may want to factor winds into your plans. Watch at 6:15 and 6:40 this morning for a timeline of the expected gusty conditions.🌀
Did you wake up to any snow? Cold weather has settled in, and many areas are in the 30s this morning. Andy Carson has the full local forecast on Good Day Oregon.

Keep up with the latest @fox12weather at https://t.co/CKfjIChs75.
There will be a few lingering showers across White Pine county early this morning, otherwise dry weather is on tap for most areas in NE & central NV today. Mild weather expected, with highs in the upper 40's to the mid 50's. https://t.co/W9XEyu1Ma6#nvwx
"I am sure this is something we have to come back to in the next summit in June," Denmark PM this morning on #Russia #Salisbury. Denmark still considering what steps to take re Russia diplos. https://t.co/yuLkdoc2Bf
A car crashed into a home on Cleveland's east side this morning. Police don't yet know if the house was occupied. https://t.co/S8EcUj2fJV
EU leaders yesterday formally signed off on the start of post-Brexit trade negotiations but in private talks this morning expressed frustration at the “lack of seriousness” about Britain’s preparations for leaving the bloc https://t.co/70oLD2bYVP
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For a short time yesterday morning, New York was a winter … make that early spring … wonderland. Much of Wednesday’s precip has already melted, but you might see a few more snow pics featured in our feed, since they’re so pretty and since this is (hopefully) the last time we…
In this morning's #EyeOnMoney, how to fund your retirement with a tax refund. With the tax filing deadline less than a month away, the IRS has already handled more than 67 million returns.

@jillonmoney discusses the best ways to use that money.
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The Southern Pines Animal Shelter brought us some furry friends to celebrate National Puppy Day this morning!
#WDAM7Sunrise #NationalPuppyDay #FridayFeeling
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