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  3. kkk on the bridge in mebane, nc this morning đŸ˜Ș
KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning đŸ˜Ș
KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning đŸ˜Ș


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This picture is all over the front pages this morning. @ChrisMasonBBC will attempt to make sense of it all on the @BBCBreakfast sofa this morning #Brexit
One of Facebook's top bosses is on the @BBCBreakfast sofa this morning at 0710am. Send us your questions via twitter or via email at bbcbreakfast@bbc.co.uk
#BREAKING: Sources within the Vietnamese government have confirmed President Tran Dai Quang died this morning.
Gales/severe gales over eastern coasts of UK thanks to storm Bronagh.
Rain over northern England & north & east of Scotland. Blustery elsewhere with showers in the west.
Winds easing as storm quickly moves away. Rain clearing from north & east too. @SkyNews#weather
President Ramaphosa to reveal government's plan to reignite the economy. We're live at the #UnionBuildings. the We're live at the a little later.
Government's plan to kickstart economic growth will be unveiled later this morning. #enca#dstv403
ATM: Media forum dubbed as "Tongtongan ed PIA" this morning at the PIA Office in Dagupan City. Guests: GSIS, SSS and ECC. | via Liezle Iñigo
A woman was arrested this morning after police found her unconscious inside a car with a young boy and drugs.

@KarinaWNDU examines the situation and talks with a clinical supervisor about what can be done to make sure people get the help they need.

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