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Latest Scoops

911 dispatcher recounts call reporting Jayme Closs found https://t.co/VXrknT72Uz
CBS co-host Gayle King LOVES the bathrooms at MSP Airport https://t.co/LQlcvRQV9X
Man sentenced to 20 years for murdering girlfriend in Edina https://t.co/PXMjvnMRzB
Two men suspected in armed Northfield bank robbery https://t.co/X7hAG6tiNe
Red, itchy eyes: Is it pink eye or something else? https://t.co/K3nF5K8l2y
#BTN11 The Most Minnesotan Thing We Saw Today: A true example of Minnesota nice during the government shutdown.
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Netflix raising prices for 58M US subscribers as costs rise https://t.co/8I73qv1Xjr
Man dropped at Regions dies of gunshot wound https://t.co/kcpCrAgw5n
@Gillette's newest ad is leaving some people irritated. We want to know what you think: Should companies jump into the business of cultural issues? @karlahult at 6:30 #BTN11
Patterson applied for job the day before Jayme Closs escape https://t.co/Bdk0YYORFe
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