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CNBC SVP, Executive Editor. Formerly Business Insider. Star of the Jay and Farhad Show. Optimistic.

Latest Scoops

Snap says Q4 should be good. Also, its CFO is leaving. Stock up. https://t.co/2gjMmqrInB
Thank goodness I watched one episode of that Marie Kondo show. Otherwise, I wouldn’t understand half the tweets you people send.
"He insisted the sex tape and blackmailing was a family matter that should have been kept away from federal authorities.” https://t.co/ZTvf1TLvur
China sprouts plants on the moon for the first time ever https://t.co/301MJzjlRT
Photos of Huawei's wild new campus, which is designed to look like a group of European cities https://t.co/YfGCn3a6e5
“I don’t wake up obsessed every morning, and I used to. And I think, actually, you kind of need to be obsessed.”

Adam Moss with a great quote on why he’s leaving NY Mag.

Newsy day. Thank goodness!
Tech execs tell Jim Cramer behind closed doors they support Trump's hardline trade policy on China https://t.co/mmEgiKbZW3
Sixers should trade Jimmy Butler. https://t.co/ylCWdqXfpb
.@RichardHaass to @mikeallen: Things are not good.
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