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BBC reporter/producer. Reported in #Gaza #Lebanon and #Indonesia. Both Scottish and Indonesian therefore often confused. Got a story? julia.macfarlane@bbc.co.uk

Latest Scoops

No he’s locked in the Tower of London until someone can pull the sword out of the stone
It represents the Queen. Grabbing it is a highly egregious act of protest. It’s been done before, but still #scenes
She is truly the political incarnation of the Black Knight in Monty Python
“We cross live to London now - Julia, how is Brexit going over there?”
How do I explain all this to the Americans
Stoked to make my Sunday Times debut as “mutual friend” 😄 @joshglancy on the bubble that is Washington https://t.co/9lRs8YzolB
Oh God, and gelsemium. The coroner's barrister spent about three hours or approximately half an eternity on the biological and chemical properties of gelsemium. I haven't been back to Kew gardens since
-- it was clear from the witness testimonies that there were reasonable grounds to suspect foul play. And not just because the police flushed the contents of his stomach away shortly after death or that they mysteriously lost the hard drive containing all his emails.
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