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BBC reporter/producer. Reported in #Gaza #Lebanon and #Indonesia. Both Scottish and Indonesian therefore often confused. Got a story? julia.macfarlane@bbc.co.uk

Latest Scoops

Italian Transport ministry raises death toll to 22. There has been a major bridge collapse every year in Italy these last three years - heading to Genoa for @ABCWorldNewshttps://t.co/XBOX9ePSFJ
What does it mean when you Google a name that you've come across in several articles you've been reading, but zero results come up when you search for it specifically? Not a single entry - not even the articles you've seen it mentioned?
Really interesting Daily from NYT. New Pew data shows Trump’s ‘base’ (white male, no college education) is comparable with Bush, Romney, McCain. White college educated women who voted for Trump are key to midterms, but a proportion are turning away https://t.co/dJKAFWglHl
Men with Pomeranians 🚮

Can’t handle a real dog, can’t handle a real woman
Keep telling yourself that mate
@nickeardleybbc @BorisJohnson This cheap trick costs him nothing and keeps his name circulating in the headlines, which is what he wants - and the press are all too obliging
Remembering this photograph captured by @Seth_Lemon last year in the days after #Charlottesville attack:
#Journorequest: Any home affairs correspondents out there who have covered the Adams family?
On my journalism bucket list is: brutally eviscerate someone in an interview the way @JoyAnnReid does here. Simply brilliant, researched, facts-first journalism. https://t.co/fEoPJ0JLnK
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"There is just one thing that spooks Team Corbyn: the prospect of a new centrist party." V good column by @stephenkb https://t.co/WdV3HoR1p4
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