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BBC reporter/producer. Reported in #Gaza #Lebanon and #Indonesia. Both Scottish and Indonesian therefore often confused. Got a story? julia.macfarlane@bbc.co.uk

Latest Scoops

Regency Cafe in Westminster - my favourite place for early morning breakfast 😍 along with the Empire Cafe in Raffles Singapore and the Wolseley ❤️
Interesting biz discussion on why Saudi’s started pouring billions into Silicon valley when previously it’s focussed on more traditional blue chip investments. Why the change? Likely part of MBS’s Vision 2030 to move away from oil + diversify its portfolio #r4today
Looking forward to a cozy night in after another long day at work dealing with assassins, spies and Russians, now snuggled up to start Killing Eve...which, as I’m quickly finding out, is all about assassins, spies and Russians
I’ve discovered a thing on Instagram called #Montecristoctober, where loads of people started the book on October 1st, and they read 4 chapters a day so they can discuss it together as they go along.

That social media seems nice
When Trump said he "loved" Kim Jong Un, a dictator who runs barbaric gulags, it sent a message to friendly autocrats that America's role as the global policeman was over. Or is it? Coming under intense pressure, Trump vows "severe punishment" if KSA is found guilty. @GMA @ABC
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When there’s breaking news a minute before your package airs and they have to delete bits of the next correspondent’s piece...sorry @tarapalmeri
“People have lost track of the fact that those who disagree with you are opponents - not enemies.” John Major on Political Thinking podcast @bbcnickrobinson https://t.co/ZHE5asZrng
When you log into the Economist now, it briefly flashes “we are evaluating your credentials” and I’ve never felt more judged in my life
Why is wearing a man's jumper so much better than wearing anything that's actually designed for women #winteriscoming
This is such a lovely song ☺️ Non-acoustic version is great too
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