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Investor @Robeco, blogger & columnist. Total graph addict! On Business Insider's list of ‘must follow’ finance people on Twitter. Views are my own, of course.

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The Dow Jones Index closed the week just 3% from its all time high!
In case you missed it! #Italy's industrial sales collapsed in December. down 7.3% YoY, biggest decline since November 2009.
At some point something has got to give! Workers share of corporate income over time.
In case you missed it! Manufacturing and global trade have pushed manufacturing #PMIs sharply lower around the globe, whereas services remained solid and are now rising again.
Weekend (short) read. The far-reaching effects of central bank policy.
Forget #Gold, #Palladium has tripled in price during the last three years!
U.S and China said to reach final agreement on currency... #CNY
In case you missed it! #China’s stock market added almost 1.9% today.

The Most Relevant

WOW! Turkish #Lira ‘opens’ another 20%+ lower #USDTRY> 7!
2018 - A year that ‘nothing’ worked...
It seems like the world almost stopped in December. #Spain is the next country to report very sluggish production numbers. YoY industrial production fell a whopping 6.2%, biggest decline in six years!
The plunge! Eurozone industrial production confirms ugly picture individual member states already gave. Massive collapse in production in December, down 4.2% YoY, most since the financial crisis.
The long-term correlation between the equity market and central bank balance sheets is just astonishing! Only two times did equities skyrocket without a massive rise in global liquidity, the internet bubble (2000-2001) and the housing bubble (2006-2008).
#France 's budget history in one chart!

-#deficit larger than 3% of#GDP in 9 of the last 10 years
- average deficit 3.8% of GDP
- 2018 deficit estimated at 2.6% of GDP
- proposed 2019 deficit 3.4% of GDP
So much for the recovery signs! #Germany's Manufacturing #PMI plunges to 47.6.
In case you did miss it! Your total return on Italian stocks:
0% in the last 25 years,
-60% since 2000,
-58% since 2007
Wow chart! German stocks are down to a 50-year low relative to US stocks!
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