For the record, the clapping is coming all from staff - not journalists.
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The Latest: Trump expected to meet with bipartisan congressional leaders at the White House Monday
In theory, the pace and pressures of presidency should leave Trump with less capacity to respond to every irritation
Trump has promised big change. He spent his first full day as president picking small fights.
Forget Twitter. Now Trump has all the trappings of the presidency to promote his version of events as well.
"I have a running war with the media," Trump said, speaking to people who have played a direct role in real wars.
Trump won the White House promising big change. He spent his first full day in office picking small fights.
AP FACT CHECK: @JonLemire @colvinj have what you need to know about Trump and Spicer's many claims.
Is this an official statement from Brennan?
#FF my great colleagues on the @AP WH team. @JonLemire @colvinj @bykowicz @KThomasDC @dsupervilleap @joshboak @vmsalama @catherine_lucey
"No one, even those knee-deep in it, considers himself or herself to be part of "the swamp." Great @bykowicz piece.
US ambassador to Kazakhstan will represent Trump administration in Syria talks Monday; no delegation from Washington attending.
Update: Trump told a friend Thursday that he's given up his cellphone ahead of taking office. @bykowicz
Trump has still been telling friends to call his cellphone and giving no indication he plans to give it up.
If Trump doesn't bring his cellphone with him to the White House, the Newseum has already asked for it.
Top EU leader invited Trump to a US-EU summit; Trump adviser says meeting w/the bloc isn't a priority.
Trump appears more focused on meeting world leaders on his turf to start. UK, Mex, Canada high on early invite list.
Trump adviser says no plans to meet Putin at the moment, in Washington or abroad.
Top Euro leader raised w/Trump the prospect of early US-EU summit; senior Trump aide says that won't be a priority
Anxious European leaders seek an early audience with Trump _ before Putin
.@PressSec spun for his boss like the best of them, but was always fair in his dealings w/press. And showed up to take Qs on the tough days.
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