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Trust me, @catherine_lucey is not going to keep quiet
Aww thanks! Let's make it happen sometime soon!
Mike Flynn has a new consulting firm. It's called Resilient Patriot. @MRSmithAP has the story. https://t.co/KDB1TBGHeD
Worth going back to read this Sarah Sanders profile from @catherine_lucey @KThomasDC https://t.co/QiRzABHj9G
Reince puts a positive spin on the situation, tells @AP he supports Scaramucci "100 percent." Says it's "all good here."
Sekulow tells @AP that Trump legal team will "consistently evaluate the issue of conflicts" alleged w/Mueller team https://t.co/ds3dX6S7oD
WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury fines Exxon Mobil $2 million for violating Russia sanctions while Secretary of State Tillerson was CEO
Advisers say Trump's Sessions comments were not part of calculated effort to fire AG. Whether he quits is now the Q https://t.co/QqgqLYIg9y
White House has notably made no effort to walk back Trump's Sessions comments or express confidence in the AG https://t.co/WawfzcPkZY
Read @vmsalama on the internal angst in the Trump administration over the president's dealings with Putin https://t.co/2T8O8BtCqX
Well, here's a timely AP poll on health care. Only 13% of Americans support repeal only https://t.co/kFERCD7F11
The growing cast of lawyers surrounding Trump and his team _ and their sometimes diverging interests. W/@bykowicz https://t.co/LzaxKIwxci
For all of your late-breaking health care news, follow @ericawerner @asfram and @DonnaCassataAP
Lawyer says Don Jr was "absolutely prepared" to fully detail Russia meeting in initial statement. Yet he didn't. https://t.co/w0XZVoQvzZ
Jones Day's fees from the Trump campaign are way up in the months coinciding with the deepening Russia probe https://t.co/LzaxKIwxci
Ty Cobb's hiring was response, in part, to White House recognizing not all Russia inquiries could be pushed outside https://t.co/LzaxKIwxci
Plenty of lawyers to go around in Trump world these days, and their clients' interests don't always line up https://t.co/LzaxKIwxci
Great dispatch from Mike Flynn's Rhode Island hometown, where he's seeking refuge from the DC investigations https://t.co/KZ3whnUPPh
Akhmetshin says attorney brought plastic folder with printed-out documents to meeting, says he's unaware of content https://t.co/WX2oefp5Sr
Akhmetshin says Trump Jr. asked Russian attorney in meeting for evidence of illicit money flowing to DNC https://t.co/WX2oefp5Sr
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