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The Latest: Trump expected to meet with bipartisan congressional leaders at the White House Monday https://t.co/NzRgct5vG6
In theory, the pace and pressures of presidency should leave Trump with less capacity to respond to every irritation https://t.co/FWGwF6sihv
Trump has promised big change. He spent his first full day as president picking small fights. https://t.co/FWGwF6sihv
Forget Twitter. Now Trump has all the trappings of the presidency to promote his version of events as well. https://t.co/FWGwF6sihv
AP FACT CHECK: @JonLemire @colvinj have what you need to know about Trump and Spicer's many claims. https://t.co/qO04zIBwps
Is this an official statement from Brennan?
#FF my great colleagues on the @AP WH team. @JonLemire @colvinj @bykowicz @KThomasDC @dsupervilleap @joshboak @vmsalama @catherine_lucey
"No one, even those knee-deep in it, considers himself or herself to be part of "the swamp." Great @bykowicz piece. https://t.co/22vTydUbLP
US ambassador to Kazakhstan will represent Trump administration in Syria talks Monday; no delegation from Washington attending.
Trump has still been telling friends to call his cellphone and giving no indication he plans to give it up. https://t.co/2gQgiCIk6P
If Trump doesn't bring his cellphone with him to the White House, the Newseum has already asked for it. https://t.co/2gQgiCIk6P
Trump appears more focused on meeting world leaders on his turf to start. UK, Mex, Canada high on early invite list. https://t.co/610ihQznRV
Trump adviser says no plans to meet Putin at the moment, in Washington or abroad. https://t.co/610ihQznRV
Top Euro leader raised w/Trump the prospect of early US-EU summit; senior Trump aide says that won't be a priority https://t.co/G05aUvsJ38
Anxious European leaders seek an early audience with Trump _ before Putin https://t.co/G05aUvsJ38
.@PressSec spun for his boss like the best of them, but was always fair in his dealings w/press. And showed up to take Qs on the tough days.
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