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White House hoped health care would infuse the presidency with new momentum. Instead, it became another setback. https://t.co/veqUbtWgbP
WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans, short of votes, withdraw health care bill.
WASHINGTON (AP) — AP Source: House GOP leaders delay vote on health care repeal bill, in setback for President Trump and Speaker Ryan
And @catherine_lucey! Believe they had the same scoop...
Even if Trump's associates are cleared, the investigation could loom over his presidency for months or even years https://t.co/S1Wunzx77W
After Monday's hearing, reality is catching up with Trump on Russia https://t.co/S1Wunzx77W
Nice look at Nunes' turn in the spotlight as Trump-Russia investigations heat up from @esullivanap @garanceburke https://t.co/AePyQvNHwG
Carter Page has said he was asked to retain docs as well.
A great run by @NorthwesternU Let's do it again next year. #gocats
Trump is unaccustomed to being held accountable for his words. https://t.co/9tGhU43E34
Seriously versus literally? That's not really an option for presidents. https://t.co/8HHlIuBXb1
Trump isn't exactly internalizing the "presidents' words matter" lesson. See comments on court ruling last night. https://t.co/8HHlIuBXb1
Senate aide says SSCI wouldn't have made today's statement on Trump wiretapping allegations "without having been fully briefed"
Dina Powell heading to NSC as deputy for strategy. Will technically answer to KT McFarland, who stays on as deputy to McMaster.
Stone says he's retained attorneys, wants gov't to "either charge me or admit they have no case whatsoever."
Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone says he believes his communications may have been picked up through FISA warrant https://t.co/6s2XKCaGu9
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