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Latest Scoops
WH still avoiding taking position on border adjustment. "An option we're all discussing and debating," Priebus says. https://t.co/5mubHrSFOQ
Priebus says he expects a health care plan to be ready in "the first few days of March." https://t.co/ItVAz09v4L
Controversies consumed Trump's 1st month in office. His team hopes progress on leg priorities are story of his 2nd. https://t.co/ItVAz09v4L
Senate Intelligence Committee wants materials saved for probe into Russia election hacking https://t.co/dpFUY89msP
Also he told me he has a contract with ABC so not hugely surprising they would want him on their Sunday show.
I'm not so sure. I interviewed Harward after he turned down the job and he was pretty complimentary of the White House.
Trump expected to interview Bolton, McMaster for national security post in Florida this weekend. W/@catherine_lucey https://t.co/BtjtaiKsXs
It'll be nice to have someone to commiserate with on Monday mornings come fall.
Harward tells @AP the White House was "very accommodating to my needs, both professionally and personally." https://t.co/qPVyVZF8Yx
BRUSSELS (AP) — Pentagon chief Mattis tells NATO allies to increase defense spending by year's end or US will 'moderate its commitment'
White House seems to back away from 2-state solution; State Dept officials unaware of a change in US policy https://t.co/3BM2feR7Ob
Fascinating story from @AP's man in North Korea @EricTalmadge https://t.co/megZucuZcO
I've heard one was Flynn trying to get clearance for son. Remember Pence got caught up in that in TV interview as well
That's 2nd time this week I've heard about Trump pinning blame for big missteps on the comms strategy (which, btw, was a classic Obama move)
Trump said to be upset with Flynn, but has also blamed aides for 'losing control' of the story @jonlemire @vmsalama https://t.co/XLfjT1i68Q
About the other Flynn issues: officials were still frustrated he sought clearance for son. Pence caught up in that. https://t.co/XLfjT1i68Q
About 2 weeks ago, WH added Pompeo, Kellogg to Trump's PDB to make sure Flynn wasn't only voice he was hearing https://t.co/XLfjT1i68Q
Trump initially thought Flynn could survive, but the situation became untenable after the back-to-back WaPo reports https://t.co/XLfjT1i68Q
McGahn, Priebus and Bannon talked to Flynn multiple times after DOJ warning. He stuck to his story until last week. https://t.co/XLfjT1i68Q
Lots to unpack on what led up to Flynn ouster, starting w/Pence only learning about Flynn's changing story last week https://t.co/XLfjT1i68Q
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