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There’s been a lot of informed chatter in recent weeks that the Trump Organization was going to be drawn and quartered by the SDNY us attys office. But not abt Russia stuff, or at least not with collusion being the main thing, just for being like a criminal syndicate.
With these leaks you have information that is mainly being scrutinized by the US Atty’s office in New York and the fact that that office is MUCH more porous to the press than Mueller’s operation.
My take >>> This is about the overlapping probes being conducted by Mueller’s office and the US Attorneys office in New York. (Sub req) https://t.co/n4j6bpRGEd
What's Mueller's statement mean? And my theory of what's in dispute (sub req), specifically the overlapping probes from Mueller's office and the SDNY. https://t.co/n4j6bpRGEd
"May you get many exclusives. May none of them be permanent exclusives." - the reporters' prayer.
The way this is going Rudy might go back to saying there was no collusion.
It's right to be concerned.
This student got an A, I believe.
Continuing education. 2005 era Duke Cunningham Scandal worksheet. Also available for social studies and civics educators. cc: @rweingarten
Social Security crowd-sourcing agitprop.
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