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Yep. Not sure Google AI is quite good enough yet for me to try the self driving car. (Thx TPM Reader MD)
Who radicalized him? "He was upset with what . . . what he sees as Jewish groups destroying America based on what he saw from that caravan, the migrant caravan that was going on, and he decided he wanted to retaliate..." https://t.co/FYM42cLx5t
trying to think of the last multiple order of magnitude ratioings i've seen.
Census Official: Sessions Used ‘Political Influence’ In Handling Of Citizenship Request https://t.co/AShO8N9Ett via @TPM
Find out about the voter-suppression/GOP lock-in scam being backed into the 2020 Census https://t.co/BiAUYBuyBD
This is the point. They're ignoring the actual caucus election. They're saying that regardless of the results of the caucus election they'll vote against Pelosi on the floor when the choice is Pelosi v McCarthy.https://t.co/Km06MOBRGf
NYC is a thriving city with a very robust economy, insanely high real estate prices and tons of profitable industries. This situation is pathetic. https://t.co/sHVlL7ecRA
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