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Latest Scoops

BREAKING: SCOTUS effectively blocks Commerce Secy Ross deposition in census-citizenship cases, won't stop Gore depo, trial or order to turn over DOJ memo. Gorsuch and Thomas would block all. (No sign of Kavanaugh! ) Earlier: https://t.co/qJhvWAN9L3
Judge Amy Berman Jackson just threw a major monkey wrench into Trump admin/GOP House effort to settle longrunning #fastandfurious docs litigation https://t.co/bLUe0Pswxr
If you're into legal celebrity sightings, Pat Fitzgerald quietly taking notes in the back row at the Harvard trial ain't bad. Also not bad: former SG Seth Waxman defending Harvard. Or the 4 Clarence Thomas clerks on the opposing side https://t.co/ZYBZPTkWKq
Latest from Harvard trial in Boston federal court: Pressed by lawyer for affirmative-action critics, Harvard College dean says: 'We’re not trying to mirror the socioeconomic or income distribution of the United States' https://t.co/eCJsG01yw2
Another oldie but goodie from the dusty archives: one of Denny Hastert's proudest achievements, killing the Illinois Freedom of Information Act in 1982. Promised to 'be vigilant in this area.' It passed 2 years later. #FOIA
Thinking of pitching a TV show called "Administrative Burden"
A brief history of the three-decade battle to open up Harvard's secretive admissions process. The trial underway in Boston now over claims of discrimination against Asian Americans is just the latest chapter https://t.co/To2plfqiHR #FOIA
About to join @11thHour @MSNBC to talk about new charge of Russian interference in 2018 midterms and a wheelchair-using Paul Manafort making court appearance. Tune in!
NEW: Judge seems to have serious doubts about conspiracy against the US charge in Mueller's Russian-troll case. Order: https://t.co/SsAIIEYZ6L
In statement on FBI agent's 4-year sentence for leaking, US Atty for EDVA dusts off an argument his office has made before: leaking is worse than spying https://t.co/YFPMyX13Nf Earlier: https://t.co/ZCSx45Sj1K
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