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NEW: Judge just scheduled Wednesday morning hearing on Manafort's alleged non-compliance with plea agreement. Also lifted deadline Wednesday for defense to respond to prosecution's filing Friday on Manafort. Earlier: https://t.co/eMltvslYO0
Klayman is trying to get the case routed to U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon, who gave him a favorable ruling in NSA surveillance case before it was snuffed out by DC Circuit w/assist from now-Justice Kavanaugh
BREAKING: Under indictment pressure in Trump-Russia probe, Corsi files lawsuit against Mueller, alleging grand jury leaks and illegal surveillance. Lead counsel is Larry Klayman https://t.co/FpyXm5mstW
Impressive use of FCC public-file reports on political-ad buying to show what sure looks like illegal coordination between Trump campaign and NRA https://t.co/bXjiCONpDp
THE PESKY 9th: GWBush judge (as Trump would call him) writes 2-1 ruling refusing to lift TRO against Trump anti-asylum policy. Judge (Bybee) also oversaw DOJ OLC post-9/11, torture memo phase https://t.co/AucYWAdkjf
Maybe since Cohen said the same thing at the plea hearing they thought omitting that might be read as disagreement with his account?
The new challenge focuses on whether the Constitution gives Congress the authority to regulate non-citizens' participation in state and local campaigns.
An Illinois political consultant who calls himself the 'campaign guru' and was convicted of four felonies is using his appeal to challenge the ban on foreigners' donating to political campaigns--a law many see as at the heart of Mueller probe https://t.co/fkhND0A6KO
But these things are never simple: in that instance it was donor money, but given parallel to the campaign.
A former FEC commissioner said the payments to John Edwards mistress were clearly NOT campaign donations under prevailing law. His name: Don McGahn https://t.co/bDHim4whrU
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