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One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center


.@DP_World Chairman and CEO, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, discusses the trade dispute between the U.S. and China #wef19 https://t.co/uwGlSmdARY
The world's most powerful people will gather in one place this week - Davos. Why? #wef19
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Do you realize how different the world would be right now if Michael Jackson didn’t die? The impact of this one man is immeasurable.
“It’s very hard to find someone who is passionate about laundry. He is passionate.”

Just one of many golden quotes from this article about the world leader in showbiz laundry.

Researchers have discovered another secret ballistic missile base in North Korea, one of an estimated 20 that the communist state has not declared. The base, called Sino-ri, was disclosed in a report released Monday by the Center for Strategic and... https://t.co/1Jzhy6Vjl6
Sansha Yongle Dragon Hole, 300.89 m deep, is officially the world’s deepest ocean #bluehole, China's National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center said Sunday. Located off the Xisha Islands, S China's Hainan, #SouthChinaSea, it exceeded the Bahamas' Dean's Blue Hole (202 m).
@CNNTravel .: Called The Heart of Europe and currently under construction, it's the latest chapter in one #Dubaiof 's grandest - and most eyebrow-raising - enterprises: The World.
Photo courtesy: CNN
Nordea ranked as one of the world’s most sustainable banks https://t.co/3SkPYtb6Jw
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