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It was on his Wikipedia page


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Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst says she turned down Donald Trump's request to run as his vice president in 2016 because of family concerns — a claim made in a divorce proceeding affidavit that was first reported by Cityview, a Des Moines alternative newspaper https://t.co/6gShvBlr4u
"Sen. McConnell has allowed President Trump to dictate his job in these last 30-something days. He knows he can't move forward on the bill a president was unwilling to sign or would automatically veto."—@leximccammond
Tristan Beaudette, 35, was shot to death while he slept alongside his 2 and 4-year-old daughters inside a closed tent in Malibu. https://t.co/HQlyVQ9aDu
The lawyer for an American man being held in Moscow on suspicion of spying said that his client was given a flash drive containing Russian “state secrets,” but didn't know he had them. https://t.co/Ii5GAOt353

@BillNeelyNBC reports tonight on @NBCNightlyNews.
William Roger MacLellan was convicted in 2016 after a university student accused him of molesting her in his taxi in Antigonish, N.S.
Tomorrow's front page: Wayne Rooney reeked of booze and could only talk in "broken English" when he was nicked for drunkenness, US police have revealed. https://t.co/wKjZDRxIH3
British entrepreneur James Dyson was a prominent supporter of Brexit. Now, he's moving his company to Singapore. https://t.co/yO0rWYGN7k
Tonight on @CBCTheNational, we continue our series on #sleep, investigating a condition many Canadians don’t know they have: sleep apnea.

@ospreyten was good sport & allowed us into his bedroom during his sleep test. Here’s a great song he wrote about sleeplessness
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State Police say Robert Clinton Brooks, 49, of Chambersburg, yelled racial epithets at troopers who were dispatched to his home for the report of a domestic disturbance. One of the troopers was African-American, police say. https://t.co/TlJNBWssYF
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Chris Brown was released from custody over rape allegations, Paris prosecutors say. The investigation is ongoing.

The singer, who admitted to assaulting Rihanna in 2009, appeared to deny the allegations on Instagram and said they go against his character.
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