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Jon Shutterstock ?
today we launch shutterstock showcase formerly labs with 4 new tools gt 1 refine 2 reveal 3 composition search
Today we launch Shutterstock Showcase (formerly labs) with 4 new tools -> 1. Refine, 2. Reveal, 3. Composition Search, 4. Copy Space - which is your favorite?

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Mark Knoller
at start of a d day flag ceremony pres trump announced an incident in the strait of hormuz in which a us naval
At start of a D-Day flag ceremony, Pres Trump announced an incident in the Strait of Hormuz in which a US naval vessel fired on and destroyed an Iranian drone that was closing in on the ship and posed a threat. @POTUS said other nations should be on lookout in the same waters.
Paul Krugman
if you re jewish and the use of cosmopolitan doesn t scare you read some history
If you're Jewish and the use of "cosmopolitan" doesn't scare you, read some history
The Spectator Index
wash hands with soap and water after going to toilet 2015 bosnia 96 portugal 85 turkey 85 sweden 78 germany 78
Wash hands with soap and water after going to toilet, 2015.

Bosnia: 96%
Portugal: 85%
Turkey: 85%
Sweden: 78%
Germany: 78%
Finland: 76%
UK: 75%
Ireland: 74%
Switzerland: 73%
Poland: 68%
Austria: 65%
Russia: 63%
France: 62%
Spain: 61%
Italy: 57%
Netherlands: 50%

Wise Bread
q3 when it comes to getting to your destination how can people save money wbchat smartychat
Q3: When it comes to getting to your destination, how can people save money? #WBChat #SmartyChat
Jonathan Portes
interesting not surprising admission from david davis that citizens rights eu citizens in uk and brits in euro
Interesting (not surprising) admission from David Davis that citizens' rights (EU citizens in UK and Brits in Europe) was something *the EU* wanted and that he/May didn't want to give away too early.. #Panorama
breaking boeing takes 49b after tax charge for 737 max problems
BREAKING: Boeing takes $4.9B after-tax charge for 737 Max problems
The Economist
forests now cover 31 of frances surface area up by nearly 7 since 1990
Forests now cover 31% of France’s surface area, up by nearly 7% since 1990
Paul Krugman
and another plan from worth noting that over the years many economists have shared her concern that buyouts of
And another plan from @elizabethforma. Worth noting that over the years many economists have shared her concern that buyouts often lead to looting of firms, via breaking implicit contracts or use of control to siphon off ass 1/
The Spectator Index
year company was founded under armour 1996 asics 1977 nike 1964 adidas 1949 puma 1948 converse 1908 new balanc
Year company was founded.

Under Armour: 1996
Asics: 1977
Nike: 1964
Adidas: 1949
Puma: 1948
Converse: 1908
New Balance: 1906
Reebok: 1895
Elon Musk
@elonmusk 43 minutes
this is actually a good thing btw china is making amazing progress in space rapidly iterating on rocket amp sp
@newscientist This is actually a good thing btw. China is making amazing progress in space, rapidly iterating on rocket & space station technology. Great respect.
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